Vapor or Talarias? Some help please

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Hey guys im going to buy some new cleats soon and i wanted to know which is better? The Vapors III's or the Talaria III's? I realize the price difference but are the boots that much different? Also at you can do that Nike ID thing with the Talarias so i wanted to know if the Talarias are better for the price or what. Thanks.

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I have the yellow and green vapor III's and i think they are a great shoe. I had talaria II and I have heard from people that the technology in the vapor about making you run faster is a gimmick, but let me say this its not. I'm a forward and while in the Talaria II's I was pretty fast and my coach would always let me know how thankful he was for having my speed on his team, but since I got my new vapor III's I noticed my strides were more powerful because the shoe was sticking to my foot and cradling it and transferring energy from my stride into the carbon fiber sole.

My friend on my team has blue and silver Talaria II's and they only lasted him about 4 games before they tore, and now he has Vapor III SG's and he says they are a big improvement.

But of course it all depends on your preference.

My view.

1.Price- Vapor III's are a bit pricey but worth every penny. Most shops give discounts to players from schools in my area not sure how it works in your area.
2.Comfort- I have heard that Vapor III's give blisters but since I came from wearing Talaria II's and have dealth with the blisters from those I am used to it and have calluses. Or you could wear ankle socks under your socks. Once the shoe has formed to your foot you will love it. Oh and its thin so it does hurt to get stepped on.
3.Quality- Most of my teammates have Vapors and they seem to last pretty long depending on your position the only person on my team that has gone thru more than one shoe during the season is a defender but these shoes arent meant for defenders but hey its all about preference right?. It's nike so you are in safe hands in terms of quality.

hope this helps if you have any other questions just ask. :D

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I would have to say just get the one the fits your foot the best. If it's impossible to say, go for the one with the biggest price tag. ;)

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