Barcelona vs. Chelsea: Barca on the way out?

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Barcelona vs. Chelsea: Barca on the way out?

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After watching the series between these two teams, I was disappointed that Barcelona couldn't win the 2nd game and the 1st game was just not the team that I've seen. Once Chelsea won, Mourinho was sitting there being "special", saying that Barcelona was diving and all that. Sorry Mr. Mourinho if your team can not dive (ehm Drogba+Robben).

I think the loss of Eto'o had a tremendous impact. When I saw him play, he just had lots of speed, great movement, and such a nack for goal. Plus he just fits so well on that team. Gudjohnsen does not fit on that team. It's easy to tell.

As a Barca fan, I'm sorry to say that Werder Bremen is playing very well in Europe and the Bundesliga and it is just not a situation Barcelona will get out of.
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The only times Barcelona have beaten Chelsea is when Chelsea have had a player sent off
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It will be a tight race in GroupA for the knockout spots. Barca should beat Bremen to second though. But yer,the loss of eto'o has had a massive impact on Barca. I still personally think they r a slightly better team than Chelsea.
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