Advanced Flick Up

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Advanced Flick Up

Post by jthursto »

Anyone know a good way to learn this move. You have the ball on the ground and you put your foot on it laces down and you roll back and flick it up...that make sense?
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Post by jonte »

best way is to practise :cry: try do it with ur toes instead of laces first maybe. easier in my opinion
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Post by newstyler »

:) i just started, but ive done the flick up for a long time now. definitely use ur toes and sort of dig underneath the ball and either lift or flick the ball into the air. careful tho if u just put ur foot under it and lift or flick because the ball can fly forward. sorta lift your toes toward ur shin.

another thing you can do if ur just putzin around is to roll the ball back towards u so it builds momentum, then let it roll onto ur foot but give it a little help by digging under. then pop it into the air.

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Post by lil italy »

the trick is called lace flick. Basically you have to keep your shins as parallel to the ground as possible. get a good grip on the ball too, because this makes it go much higher.
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Post by oysteinulv »

the way i learned it was practice
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Post by DyNasty »

I really don't like getting people to "spoon feed" me to help me with moves, but this flick is a tough one (it might be tough because I haven't really tried it, but...a visual aid or some type of visual would be very helpful!) Thanks.
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Post by Nitram »

i can do like 8-10 different flick-ups :p (just to practice)
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Post by rzadzinski » :lol:

Yeah, i just pointed that out I guess. This topic was about learning a flick up. If you know it, help him if you can.
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Post by cangri01 »

rzadzinski ur right man, i mean, this is 2 help not 2 brag
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Post by soccerfriek03 »

jonte wrote:best way is to practise :cry: try do it with ur toes instead of laces first maybe. easier in my opinion

ya using ure toes is alot easier...try to provide alot of pressure on the ball
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