fitness advice please

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fitness advice please

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Hello everyone,

I have a basic question but due to my circumstances I have not found an easy answer.

Ok so I need help getting fitter and keeping myself at a good level of fitness.....

I am 36, and I play 5 aside every Wed night. I am a defender and like most defenders I don't have the best touch, that being said, I am still a capable player but I have to be fit to play well.

Now the difficult part, I am a stay at home dad, I have two young children so finding time is not easy, plus I work at evening times mostly. Weekends are out as again I am mostly busy with kids or just knackard at night times.

The only time I can train is when the lil one is a sleep in the car, and I can jog for maybe 20 mins or so, and thats what I have been doing but either I am too tired on match day or my leg muscles feel exhausted, I don't know if I am doing to much or too little.

I see it this way.... the 5 a side is an hour long and we really go at it, so there does need to be some rest for the following week.

Anyway I really need some advice on how to get fit and maintain it based on the above circumstances?????

Thank you
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Re: fitness advice please

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Hello and welcome aboard.

It's a hard question but you need at least 2-3 sessions per week to maintain any kind of fitness. Probably more like 3-4 in the first week or two as you are starting out. The good thing is that once you get fit you will have more energy to take care of your other chores so it's definitely worth the effort.
Jogging is good, alternating sprints with jogging can be helpful too. Heck even lifting weights or stretching at home can help. Doesn't really matter what you do - it's more about how rigorously you are willing to follow the routine.

Hope this helps and
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