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aussie ronnie
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i'm extremely tall for my age and skinny! ( 6''3 at age 13 )
does anyone think that this is a disadvantage?
thanx in advance :lol:
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peter crouch...
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Bill Shankly

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thats not a very helpful comment cuz u dont elaborate. some people like peter crouch and others dont.
This is a comment that should go on the wall of shame in my opinion. but watever.
I'd say that being tall can be an advantage in corners and high balls. Try to do push ups to get stronger so u can be strong and tall at the same time. I'd write some more but i cant concentrate right now. Im sure other people will say sum other stuff.

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What i want to know is who moved this into the wall of shame, and deleted every other post in the thread except for three of them??? :evil: Im not gonna take the time to help people out if some moderator is just gonna erase my post just to put this thread into the wall of shame. Thats not doing a very good job in my opinion.

I apolagize sincerely if this thread is somewhere else with all the original post in it.

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