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2015 Summer transfer window thread

Posted: 07 May 2015, 23:57
by soccer11
Alright transfer season is underway.

Today Manchester United signed PSV winger Memphis Depay for around £22m.

Not a big surprise considering his relationship with van Gaal.

Great signing. It might take him a half season to really get his epl legs under him but he's the perfect type of player that we need. It also helps that he's signed so early so he can get a whole preseason under his belt (unlike the debacle of previous years) I think this signals United's intentions of doing business early and hopefully 80% of the business is done before August.

With everything going smoothly, United will compete for the title next season.

Re: 2015 Summer transfer window thread

Posted: 11 May 2015, 06:56
by fir_nev
We need to sign a strong technical central midfield who can spray passes (think Paul Scholes). A central defender who can chip in 2-3 goals from set piece and start the play from the back (think Rio Ferdinand).

Re: 2015 Summer transfer window thread

Posted: 12 May 2015, 16:17
by soccer11
A lot of talk of Hummels. I like the guy. I know he's been criticized for his performance this season but that whole Dortmund team has been kind of a disaster (except the last couple months)

Another guy I'm looking at is Otemendi. I think him and Rojo could form a really good partnership with their work in the Argentina team.

There's also talk of united getting Gundogan. Before his back problems, he was amazing. Hopefully it's not something that continues on (from what I've read, it should be fine) He's getting his form back and it's already been said he won't sign a new contact with Dortmund. Not sure if they can put him into the Carrick role because that's where our biggest problem is. He's like 34 and we're garbage without him in the lineup. We need a replacement.

Also not sure if Dortmund are willing to sell two of their top players in the same summer.

Re: 2015 Summer transfer window thread

Posted: 13 May 2015, 23:36
by fir_nev
Ya. Hummels' transfer rumours is non-stop for now but I doubt we'll be getting him. Otemendi? I will look him up. Carrick is showing signs of decline with the string of injuries. I have no idea who is a reliable defensive midfield as of now. Heard of Gundogan and it is all up to LVG to sign him.

Even if we have gotten the best players in each position, they still have to adapt to the BPL. Even Vidic and Evra struggled at first.