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Running advice

Post by xQuetos » 23 Apr 2015, 20:44

Hey guys

I run a few times a week and play football aswell but I seem to tire so quickly, I run for 30min just around my house and countryside. How do I make my body adapt to running and be able to run longer and not be tired. It's not my legs that are tired because I could run for hours but my breathing, I feel the need to stop and get my breath back because I'm so exhausted.


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Re: Running advice

Post by expert » 25 Apr 2015, 18:45

Hey, just keep training - you'll get fitter with time.
Jogging long distance (over 20 minutes) is good for the heart.
Alternating between sprints and light jogging (15-20 minutes) is good for building up your legs and endurance.
Also, it depends on your age, if you're 13 or younger you probably want to stick to jogging.
So ya, just keep at it. :)

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Re: Running advice

Post by kamaria25 » 05 Feb 2020, 19:11

How quickly can you improve cardio?
If you are just starting out, you may improve your stamina with just 15 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. However, most studies show that cardiovascular training requires a minimum of 30 minutes, 3 times a week to guarantee increased aerobic capacity in about 8 to 12 weeks.

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