Enhancing conditions with alone trainings

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Enhancing conditions with alone trainings

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Hello everybody,

This is my first post here and here we are with the presentation. I am Matteo 28 years old, an Italian MSc student in Germany, addicted to football. I had to go abroad to start a MSc program and therefore quitting my football team in Italy.

It has been 2 years by now that I have been off the pitch but I manage to keep a decent physical condition (I might even be overtrained). The problem is that I could not do proper football exercises because terribly busy with study and work. I basically performed running workouts alternated with swimming ones. In turns, in particular for the running workouts, they deals with 15km on paths mixed with hills. Once a week workouts with several sets of sprints on hills and/or stairs.

Now I am getting aware that after all this time I could have lost all my agility, explosiveness and speed, mainly due to this kind of workouts. My goal is now to re-gain them again. The problem is that I will be off the football pitch still for long, since I will probably relocate in another city to start working after my MSc. It takes time to settle down. I will therefore workout by my own.

Do you have any recommendation, advices, suggestion to help me recover or better even enhance speed, explosivens and agility working out by my own?

The more detailed, the better.

Thank you in advance.
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