Dribbling past a defender in jockeying position

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Dribbling past a defender in jockeying position

Post by apollo36 »

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for me regarding beating defenders that are really good at jockeying and positioning. I don't have a problem putting them off balance and running into space for just enough time to pass or shoot (pretty much what I do all the time), but I can't seem to dribble by them in a tighter space without any cheeky/unconventional moves. Dribbling is probably my weakest skill, as my playing style is quite relaxed and I like to hold the ball and pick out passes, but recently I started playing in a more recreational league (although there are still quite a few players with competitive level experience), so I would like to work on incorporating more speed and dribbling, especially since it's much less unforgiving if I happen to lose possession or make mistakes trying stuff out during the game. Is there anything I should focus on when trying to dribble past a defender that is jockeying me really well? Or should I just try to find a good pass in this situation? Thanks guys!
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Re: Dribbling past a defender in jockeying position

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Hello apollo36,

Firstly, thank you for your question. So, to start, the objective of dribbling is to find a gap so that you can beat the player. These have various methods such as making the player off-balance, looking for a nutmeg between the legs, reading and anticipating where the defender would opt to tackle the ball.

Second, this is also depends on your situation and also your team's situation. For example, you could dribble to buy some time for your team-mates to support you on the counter-attack.

Finally, your decision also comes through practicing dribbling skills and also match experiences as each match has different situations.

Hope that helps and all the best ! :D

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Re: Dribbling past a defender in jockeying position

Post by Zlatan5 »

I still suffer from this problem to this date. Generally jockeying defenders allow you to dribble into them, pressuring you to attempt to pick to go by him or pass the ball. And to be honest, there really is no secret way around positional focused defenders. The best piece of advice would to understand the space around the defender, particularly behind them. The thing to understand is, unless they are getting stuck in on you, which I'm assuming they aren't, you have control of the pace, just dribble at them (preferably diagonally towards goal) then burst forward towards the by-line and either cut into the box and hug the by-line or whip in a cross. If you are more central, really the only thing you can do is pass it off in hopes of a one-two, or just pick a way and hope he doesn't guess your way. Always leave yourself a way out though, if he guesses the right way, be prepared to use your body to immediately fend off his threat.
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