Do I Need My 'Maintenance Training'?

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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Do I Need My 'Maintenance Training'?

Post by desire10 »

.. Well, for example, right now I'm training my foot speed. So I do two sessions a week to improve this, and two other sessions I do are 'maintenance routines', which involves training all the other aspects of my game, just vaguely, to keep my skills sharp. Do I need these type of sessions to stop myself from going 'rusty', or are most skills like riding a bike, and will stay with me.
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Post by Rome_Leader »

They certainly can't hurt you. If you feel you desperately need the time to work on something else, or rest, then do so, but I think it's good to do some 'mainteance' or other basic stuff you already have a handle on to both keep your skills sharp and give you a little break from the frustration of learning new stuff all the time, or working out.
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Post by collin »

i agree with rome i think its best to do the maintinence stuff
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