Aerial First Touch

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Aerial First Touch

Post by FootballPlayer94 »

How to develop first touch for when the ball is dropping from high in the air
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Post by nick117 »

put the ball in the air... trap it.
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Post by desire10 »

^ Exactly, practice.

Juggling also contributes to your touch as well, work on juggling - it will universally develop your game, guaranteed.
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Post by pickyourheadup »

A good way to imrove touch from the air is to juggle and volley the ball straight up with your laces. If done with correct technique, the ball should have no spin. When the ball comes back down, you use the same technique to control the ball and continue juggling.

Imagine the ball is an egg and you have to "give" a little when you control it.

For more in game situations, do as the above users have suggested. Volley the ball up and trap it with the inside of your foot part D-E.
Gradually begin to try trapping it while on the run.
It also helps to volley a ball against a wall and practice trapping it from the air that way.
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