Maintaining Fitness

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Maintaining Fitness

Post by desire10 »

To maintain a certain cardiovascular fitness level, do you have to be doing weekly stamin routines, long runs, wind sprints ect... Or is it OK to maintain fitness with the cardio that comes from ball work? Use it or lose it - how much does this apply?
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Post by collin »

i usually do alot of cardio work with the ball that leaves me out of breathe, and to be honest i never really see results from it unfortunately
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Re: Maintaining Fitness

Post by feski25 »

Hello Guys i think that keeping common fitness should be everybody's objective.There are many ways to get a lean body like:
Exercise continually and regularly
Use wide range to develop muscle durability and stamina.
Stretch frequently, before and after work out to increase flexibility
Pay attention to duration, or time period, of each exercise session.Thanks!!
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Re: Maintaining Fitness

Post by RyanSoccer »

It seems like doing sprints within your ball work routines are good ways to maintain the fitness.

Ball Routine -> Wind Sprints -> Ball Routine / Juggle Exercises -> Wind Sprints into getting the ball and jogging back across the field with it doing certain techniques -> Rest

Could be an example maybe? Just a suggestion, I'm getting back into soccer myself and have been doing this and it's helped alot but I could also be doing it entirely wrong too! :lol:
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