Japanese dribbling kid

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Japanese dribbling kid

Post by pickyourheadup »

Granted, he looks like a ball hog, his skill is top notch.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6gTFU7N ... popt11us0a
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Post by klc123 »

Messi was a ball hog at that age.
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Post by Zlatan5 »

I would pay my way in 1 year of slavery for my kid to have that kind of skill. Ball hog or not. There ain't no "I" in "team", but you can surely spell "ME".
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Post by panchester07 »

He can be a beast in cementt, short sided games, and stepping on the ball, truth of the matter is 11 v 11 on none of that works, though the kid has sweet skill and great cuts..
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Post by klc123 »

There is an I in win, and I doubt that kids team lose many games.

Panch you're correct, the moves he are doing are worthless for dribbling in a professional 11 sided game, however the ability of ball control he needs to do the skills he does is universally useful across all levels of football. Messi used to be like this at his age, and now he is one of the best dribblers in the world because of his ball control.

It is early days, because for every million of talents kids like this, only a handful will go on to become the Messi's, the Maradona's, the Peles, and the Cruyffs of the future.
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Post by mrbeankid22 »

This kid definitely has the skills, or the foundation, to at least keep on moving up to become a pro if he can keep up the pace. He is a massive ball hog, which is quite uncharacteristic among the Japanese. I would not be surprised if he were of Latin heritage, but the Japanese, they emphasize team work and team play a sh*t load. I'm not even speaking in regards to the professional level, but even on a school boy level, I've visited the country many times and it is always a team first attitude. You will rarely find someone like this kid who takes on more than one player without passing the ball.

I'll give him credit though, he must have worked a ton on his own to get to the level he is at considering his age. To that, I tip my hat.
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Post by collin »

actually messi wasn't really like this kid, if you watch all of his old footage he does the same style he has now, he takes a touch every step and he cuts in and shoots. or atleast thats the part i saw lol im just comparing techniques
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Post by desire10 »

I've seen videos of Messi when he was around this age, and this Japanese kid is much better then he was. This proves how much potential this kid has.
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