A collection of splutterings from anonymous EF users.

Learn what not to post
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Moderators, feel free to take this down if you don't think this is appropriate. Alternatively feel free to step in and edit out the ones you think I am being too picky over. Just let me know. :)

Everyone else - below are examples of the kind of posts we don't want to see from our users. Some of them are excerpts from posts rather than the whole thing.

In some cases they violate the first rule of the forum, which can be read here.


In other cases they are just idiotic and inflammatory.

May I just make it clear that they don't all necessarily come from the same user.
Anonymous EF user wrote: Boom-headshot!

Finally a post that doesn't want to make me rip off someone's head or sh*t violently down their neck.

In all serious however, it's nothing personal, I'm just a c**t to everyone on this forum.
Anonymous EF user wrote:I'm not going to lie because I'm too lazy to think of a good one, but I'm not going to have my heart broken by a sweaty on an internet forum full of imbeciles, who judge my character. Nor.
Anonymous EF user wrote:It's suppose to teach you not to ask stupid questions on forums, and claiming to know something about a Religion, when in reality you know a lot less than you think.
Anonymous EF user wrote:]Your more of a d**head than I thought...
Anonymous EF user wrote:]You needed confirmation? Wow, I at least thought you were marginally more intelligent than 99% of the planks on this Forum. Go ahead and ignore them, I couldn't give one tenth of a sh*t.
Anonymous EF user wrote:...You're beyond a joke :lol:
Anonymous EF user wrote:Admittedly I went ott but I don't give a sh*t to be frank.
Anonymous EF user wrote:[Another anonymous EF user] try to be open minded...
From the same post...
Anonymous EF user wrote:Also take what some people on this forum say to you with a pinch of salt, many tend to be closed to new ideas or belief such as faith, just pray for them.
Anonymous EF user wrote:[Another anonymous EF user], how will you manage to hang yourself and still manage to spray the normal bulls**t forth from that hole in your face?

Take your sarcasm somewhere else sweaty.

I never said I would cure cancer anyway you d**head, I said I will be working on cures for it and other diseases -.- At least I'll be trying to do something more beneficial than being a bench warmer for rangers reserves.
Anonymous EF user wrote:...ignore everyone, pretty much everyone on this forum is a c**t, myself included.
Anonymous EF user wrote:Don't worry about [Another anonymous EF user], he's a bit quick to throw the insults around. Probably just an angry child.
Anonymous EF user wrote:I'm not ignorant either. You're kind of a dick though for calling me things.
Anonymous EF user wrote:Sort your life out you utter bellend. Seriously dude, have you heard yourself? If anyone thinks they are Gods gift around here it would be you. your response to somebody calling you a dick was: your just jealous your not one of my close friends. Who the fu** do you think you are. You have the mindset of someone like Jose Mourinho or C. Ronaldo. You critisize D10 for filming himself at such a low level. What level do you play at can I ask? You say "the video was okay I geuss" so do you think you are better than D10 then? I havent seen you playing so I cant say, but the whole response sounds like you want to put him down, make yourself sound superior. You wouldnt do that if you were confident in yourself. If you are so good then upload a video of yourself playing in a game. I know you wont, but why? what have you got to lose, we are just random football aficionados. I think it is because you are scarred that your skill level doesnt correspond with the dude u make urself out to be on here.
And the response to the above began thusly...
Anonymous EF user wrote:You are beyond a joke.
Anonymous EF user wrote:I am actually sound when I want to be, I just love been a dick head on internet forums
Anonymous EF user wrote:If you haven't noticed already, I only act a d**head to the people that are di**heads to me. Call me immature but I don't give a shi to be Frank, because people like [Anonymous EF user] and [Anonymous EF user] who have no respect for me definitely arent gonna get respect back. I never used to act a d**head to anyone on the forum, back in the day, but I was still called arrogant and a c**t. The only difference is now most of the forum hate me instead, and I again, couldn't give a sh*t.

Im sad to hear youve lost respect for me, especially as you are one of the few on the forum who isn't a complete tosser, but at the end of the day, I only act like a wanker to the ones who deserve it, and I will wind them up all day long, because I really do not care.
There are more. I think there are enough here to get my point across! :) Moderators, feel free to add some more if you find them.
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