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It may be too late to think about becoming a professional if you're only just starting out, but it isn't too late to start.

Welcome to the best sport in the world. :D
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You're a little small for a defender, but I think you could make it. Maybe as a wing back.

With low dribbling skills, it would be hard to make it as a midfielder, but striker is an option. I'm sure this forum and your practice will improve your dribbling with time, though. ;)

Welcome, and we hope you enjoy yourself and avail of our knowledge. :)
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its never to late to become a pro football player, your only 16 you have lot of time. just give it your all everytime you touch the ball and you will see good improvements
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Welcome to the forums! It all depends on how much passion you have to achieve something. All the great men in history have proved discouraging words wrong.

*hitler like encouragement speech ends*

So like, enjoy your football. You can be a good Fullback. We're here to help :D
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