being intimidated

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being intimidated

Post by amu86 » 26 Jul 2010, 01:01

so ive been playing with these older players all summer, and today we played this team of mexicans in a pick up game. my touch was way off and the ball kept getting stuck when i dribbled, i assume i got intimidated by them. how do i overcome this?

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Post by 2brown347 » 26 Jul 2010, 01:36

Step 1: Ask yourself why you were.
Step 2: Realize that is a stupid reason because there is really no reason to be. Doesn't matter how much better, worse, taller, shorter, faster, stronger, skillful, smart, stupid, etc compared to yourself they are, you still shouldn't be. You're playing soccer, nothing really bad can happen (except for freak accidents but you get the point)

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Post by panchester07 » 26 Jul 2010, 02:15

Its a game, and its meant to be fun and enjoyable. If you were playing FIFA vs an asian, would you be intimidated? No, cus its for fun. Eventhough you know your gonna loose to the Asian, you still have fun. Believe in yourself, and challenge yourself and try your hardest to win. Fail for lack of skill not lack of effort. Really desire to win, and that is if you touch happens to be off, then pass it everytime, or if you loose it once sprint back and recover it, make good fast runs to make yourself available, etc. Die on that field all the time, and really want to win like I said. Soon, you'll find that your focused on winning, and your forgetting about your individual performance.

I also suggest to raise your level. Practice is the biggest confidence booster I know. And if you've practiced and gotten some touches with the ball previous days before this scrimmage i'm sure you would feel better and more confident and skilled when you have to play them.

Smiling helps. Realizing your teammates are playing hard and giving all will motivate you to give all. Just give all and try to win. You'll see how you don't care anymore about taking a bad touch here or there, and this will be the moment when you take the less bad touches. You'll play to your potential.

Remember, give all, leave nothing, die on that field, desire to win, all the time. Put in all your effort. Your focused on your goal (positive) and forget about the intimidation or fear(negative). The best players in the world, have you seen their reactions when things aren't going their way, or when they are? Thats only reflection of how much they want to win. And they are the best in the world. If you are a good player, shouldn't you desire 10x more to win than them?

Think of the boxer that has to climb in that ring, vs 180 pounds of muscle. Is a simple kickabout really that scary?

Also, important, pracitce = better = confidence.

Oh, KLC told me this, can't recall word for word but he said something like: Don't think can it be done, or can it not be done, think "it has to be done".

Translation, don't dwell on "can i win the game or not" think "this game has to be won" at the end of the day, in a similar level, the person or team that wants it more is the one that takes it.

Theres a chance these kids where just better than you, and you have to realize its not cause their mexicans, its cause they've played and pracitce more.

Also, think for a moment how a third person sees this, maybe you are intimidating to them. They don't know whats going on in your mind ..

Was Zidane mexican? Was Ronaldo? Was the greatest player ever Mexican? No, Maradona was infact Argentinian, don't judge a book by its cover.
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