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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this guide, its been a good few years that ive been on these forums and over them years ive established quite alot of good posts that I feel everyone would benefit from reading.


1.The Rules to Follow In Life
2.The Art Of Decision Making
3.The Gambetta
4.The Need For Speed
5.The Stepover
6.The Time To Control
7.The Good DJ's Mix It Up
8.The Old "Freeze-Sucka!"

1.The Rules to Follow In Life
There is alot to think about when it comes to dribbling, or even football as a whole, heck, some experts see is as a science more than a sport, so it can be quite serious. Here are somethings id like to remind you about.

-If you don't believe in yourself, who will. Never ever doubt your own ability. Obviously don't expect yourself to make impossible shots that you've never even attempted before in your life like shooting from the half way line, but don't expect to get tackled when your 1v1 with a fullback when you've strided past many defenders before.

-Football isn't a matter of life or death, its more important than that. And in some cases it is pretty serious, but that doesn't mean that you can't have fun or enjoy yourself at the same time. Look at ronaldinho, he takes his games seriously and does his best but he loves and enjoys it, its proven then when you start to enjoy yourself playing you will feel better about your ability and play much more better and the confidence you give off can make other people think your good too.

-S**t happens. Eventually everyone messes up, even the best players in the world. And there isn't much you can do about it, just learn from your mistakes and move on. Just don't wallow in it, you need to pick yourself up and dust yourself off, its a game, enjoy it and try not to take it too seriously and don't let anyone critsize you or tell you what to do, someone been constructive with you like your captin is fine but don't let anyone ever make you feel bad about yourself because it will jus make you play bad and have no confidence, next time make sure that you bury that cross and make up for it ;)

-Mind>Body>Technique. This is my general rule in life for success, and the inequality signs show which order is most important. Mind is the most important thing, thats right, if your in the right state of mind to do something, it can even make a normally hard task easy or make you pull off a move that you've never thought you could do before. It really affects your game so a positive and optmistic view is the way forward. Mind also includes your knowledge of what to do and your decision making which is of unbelievably importance, more on this later.

Next most important is body, you can have all the technique in the world but if you haven't got the fitness, the strength, the power or the speed to pull it off or to beat your marker to the ball, then its worthless. Just train hard and diet well, im not going to go alot into these topics because there are many better threads which explain it in great detail.

Finally, technique, its not as important as the otherthings but its still a hell of a lot important, it can make the difference between a good pass and a superb pass. It means the difference between winning and losing for alot of games, countless finals have been lost because one player has not used perfect technique to string a final killer pass to create a goal, or to take the penalty to win in a penalty shoot out. Practise is all there is to do here and look on this website to find out about technique.

- A Specialist job. Becoming very good at one skill is very good if you know how to do it properly, and I dont mean properly as in you do it flawlessly (which kinda helps to I guess) I mean that you can mix it up and variate from it and use your amagination to change it to beat him, otherwise you'll be read like a book every time.

- Theres no need to reinvent the wheel. Watching videos on youtube of fantastic dribblers like cr7 and kaka and ronaldinho, copy their techniques and try and learn from them because its been tested and proven to work.

- Sometimes you gotta judge the book by its cover. Read your opponent and see how hes feeling wether hes scared that your running at him or that hes getting ready to munch you to hell use skills appropriately, if they are scared of you all you have to do is drop the shoulder and you gone with no issues whereas a ready defender will take some skills to beat.

-Don't rush the job, just hurry the hell up!There is a difference between rushing and been quick. Swiftness is one of the most important things when you move to a higher level of football, because everything happens faster and everyone is much better, you need to control the ball and make the pass faster, you don't get time to mess about with it or you will be tackled straight away. Just practise doing them slowly and then start do them as fast as possible while still keeping them perfect and you will start to improve.

-Read Newbornprodigy's guides. Fullstop, your a bad footballer without reading his eternal knowledge ;) ha!

2.The Art Of Decision Making

Knowing when to dribble is a really hard thing to grasp, and it takes many players years of experience to know the right decision making for this. I'll try my best to help you, though the best way is to help yourself and join a team and get as much match experince as you possibly can.

When trying to make decisions, you must think about what your trying to accomplish and how you wish to accomplish it. Your goal in football should be to make your team win, if your here all and only for scoring goals and personal glory then im afraid your in the wrong sport, go play tennis or something solo because this is a team game.

HOWEVER just because your goal is to make your team win, doesn't mean that you can't score lots of solo goals and get lots of personal achievement, it just means that this is the way you have chosen to go about it. Every player on a team has a purpose to help the team, goalkeeper and defenders are to stop the other team scoring, attackers are to score and to create goals for the team, midfielders on the otherhand have a mixture of the jobs, but the overall goal of the team is to make the the team win, its just they go about different ways of trying to do this.

So this links into your decision making because it means you need to think about your position and what your purpose on the pitch is, if your a centerback, should you be dribbling, or should you be making sure the other team doesn't have the ball at all costs and play it to safety? Thats a no brainer, safety first for defence, but what about if you say, your a winger? what then? well your job is to defend when the other team has the ball, but when you have the ball your job is to attack and create chances, and been on the wings that means crossing the ball in.

Now to make your team win, think about your qualities and think which way would be most affective to make the team score when we have the ball? Passing the ball should be done when you have an open team mate, but passing the ball means your distributing the responsibility around the whole team, you might have only had one defender running towards you, your open defender is a few seconds from having 3 running at him with no passing options, so in that case, keep the ball and look for a better pass, if there isn't one, then you dribble, because there is more chance of you beating one defender than passing to your team mate and him beating 3.

Another key point is to take into consideration where you are your priority when the ball is in your 6 yard box is to smack it away and get it to safety, because the risk of the other team scoring is much higher if they win the ball there than if they win it in their own half. I generally follow the rule that trying to dribble past opponents in my defensive third is out of the question and idiotic, the in the middle third its much safer and is ok to dribble around and open passing options for yourself, but your not going to take on the whole team and beat them from this position so maybe one or two people but not too much. On the wings or in the attacking third however, your variety is much better, as you now have much more space and less defenders around so its actually a good thing to try and dribble past defenders here, many times have i dribbled up the right hand side beating 3 or 4 defenders in a row to deliver the ball to our striker to score, and thats our teams goal right.

So basically, when your in the midfield or attacking third, you can dribble freely and take on players, but not too much in the middle of the pitch as normally there is much better passing options than dribbling options, whereas in attack you maybe on your own with no one else to aid you so dribbling and beating players is your only and best option.

3.The Gambetta

Alot of people seem to have trouble grasping dribbling, and alot of people seem to have alot of trouble knowning how to dribble,especially in this particular style, which is the style Maradona, George Best and Messi all use and in all honesty is the heart of all styles of dribbling, making the opponent think you will do the opposite to what you are going to do. I'm hoping to enlighten.

My favourite part of dribbling, doing it. It puzzels many people about what should be going through their mind when their about to take on a defender, many are rushing throught their head trying to think of a trick, some have a fixed trick they know they are going to try before they even have their football boots on. All great dribblers and myself (im definately not saying im a world class dribbler, but im saying that i am pretty good at dribbling and i get noticed alot for it,) have pretty much nothing running through our head. Infact my minds completely blank when im on the ball because everything is flowing naturally, I know what to do without thinking about it. The key to being a good dribbler is not how great you are at doing tricks or how fast u can do a stepover, its about how u can adapt to a completely unique situation in a game, and use everything you know to fit the situation best. For instance, if you see two defenders and the one to the slightly left is slightly closer, i automaticly know that i want to go to the left, because that leaves the second defender out of the equation with no chance to even attempt a tackle, and if i want to go to the left, ill make the defenders think im going right. So slow down so balls completely stuck at my feet in control and then face my hips to the right and then stepover right, and bullet past at the left leaving 2 defenders out of the game.

Thats the key concept in dribbling Gambeta style, its making your opponent think your doing one thing, when your going to do the complete opposite. Its being proven to be the best dribbling style, infact its hard to think of a dribbling style that isnt in someone using this tactic aswel, the one that comes to mind is the power dribble, when you hit it past them and hope your fast enough to keep winning the ball each time. George Best and Maradona, the two best dribblers are all time, both used this method, the two ronaldos and messi also do, ryan giggs does, henry does, ronaldinho does. When you look at that list of players, its easy to see that it is obviously the smartest thing to do, because the smartest and best players in the world use it, and the list would go on and on.

Basicly, when the defender is starting to get near you, I.E when hitting it about a meter - two meters ahead of you could result in you losing the ball, you should slow your pace a bit and be touching the ball with each stride of one leg atleast. Doing this keeps your speed at a decent enough level when your good at it and keeps the ball glued to your foot. PRACTISE running with the ball really close to you and always 100% in control and touching it with every stride for one leg and swap legs too. Then practise doing this as fast as you can, once you start getting your speed up while doing this you will own any defenders that come near you. The reason this is so essential because if you approach a defender and the balls not 100% in control, it doesnt matter how good you are you will struggle to beat one player and if u do, then you'll get tackled straight away by another player because the balls run widely away from you. If you play indoor football or 5 a side, then you'll know that when on the ball, you keep it on your foot tighter than your laces, because in 5 a side its all packed in and theres no space to hit the ball out infront of you to sprint properly, so this kind of technique becomes ESSENTIAL.

Thats the first step, next is the tricking bit, which is easier than it seems, im going to give you mine and every great dribblers secret. The Hips. Thats right, if you look at any player thats great at dribbling, their hips are always pointing in the direction that they want you to think they are going, because when you point your hips in a direction, it REALLY LOOKS like you are going in that direction, georgie best and maradona perfected this, and look at cr7 and r9 stepovers, a stepover in the direction that the players hips are pointing makes the defenders fall over thats how realistic it looks.

So you've got the ball under close control and your moving towards them reasonably quickly, you'r hips are pointing in the direction you want them to think your going, what else? Maradona tends to slow down when its really really close to the defender to make his change in speed when he accellerates even more which makes him untouchable, Best does this aswel just not on such a extreme scale, it doesnt matter as much as the other things but theres NO WAY you should be running at a defender as fast as u can unless you plan to feint fast and then stop and cut away slowly in another direction to put a shot or cross in.

The final part is the feint, you can do whatever you want aslong as it makes them think your going in the direction that your hips are pointing in because thats where you want them to think your going after all, stepovers are superb, especially when you do more than one, elastico is equally good and hocus pocus becomes laughably easy to walk past players when your good, just use any trick with the hip trick to gambetta them into going the wrong way.

And them simply explode away, george best and maradona do basic cutting for most of their dribbling, because they are very good at cutting the ball at very sharp angles and turning very quickly, infact they rarely ever do skills, they just use their hips to trick them.

My biggest warning is to stay calm, when your rushing things, you'll either mess up the trick or cut or you'll try and cut it past them too soon and it does nothing whatso ever, theres no point doing a stepover and exploding the other way when the defender is 20 yards infront of you.

Due to demand for it, heres a training guide:-
Right, dribbling training can be unbelievably complicated and complex routeens that take you ages to learn, or they can be as simple as doing skills over and over again. To be honest...I think it doesnt make a difference how your training, just how much effort you put in will change how much/quickly you improve.

Basicly all i do is because in england it rains alot, I practise in my garage or in the local park because thats the most convient thing besides when im at football training. So i practise Freestyling.
Don't get me wrong, im a AWEFUL free styler, cant do lots of kickups and i can scrap atw and stalls but practising doing it makes u become better (freestyling is something im training and improving rapidly atm guys wish me luck), It makes your touch better and it gives you better co-ordination for doing skills.

Then i practise my skills, ive got quite a bit trick book so i won't waste your time by telling you them, but just pick a few skills you like the look off from your favourite footballs and watch them on youtube and look for advice on these forums for learning them. Carefully watch peoples technique is crutial aswel, maybe even do a skill infront of a big mirror so u can see if it looks like you'r doing it right.

I specialise in stepovers mainly because i love r9 and cr7, so i practise these bad boys none stop, and not being arrogant but i am pretty decent at them. When thats all done, ill practise my turning and dribbling control, just run with the ball as close to you as u possibly can and run as fast as u can while still keeping the ball that close and under control. Then run up to a cone or a wall and then cut the ball very sharp and suddenly and continue and even incorperate skills like the ronaldo chop and skills into your turn like the fake kick or anything you like really, this is really good because dribbling also relys on change of speed and *direction*, so practising this is great for your balance, speed at turning and how good your ball control is.

Throw the ball up in the air or hit it off a wall and control it, keep doing this untill you can get it 100% undercontrol in one quick and easy touch, then start doing it while moving and eventually you can sprint onto a dropping ball that you've thrown and trap it while still running, i know this is ball control skills but i hate seeing dribblers have a aweful first touch which gives the ball away before they even have a chance to try a fake.

4.The Need For Speed

I learnt a valueble lesson yesterday when i done 100m in PE, and that was that after growth spurts or any thing that has a big impact on your body, that you have to practise to find your optimum stride again. heres why.

When you run, you want to be sprinting with as big strides as possible so you cover more ground quicker which in turn results in being faster. You also do not want to have to take ages to reach max speed so you need fast acceleration.

Short Steps=Fast Acceleration, one problem people have is that they try to take big strides to soon, think about it this way. Do Cars Try and drive off on 5th gear as fast as they can? no because they would accelerate extremely slow. That is why gear one is there, so that the wheels spin less (small strides) so you can build up speed faster.

Top Speed:-
Like Many other people who had my problem I had yesterday, their acceleration is fast, but top speed fails. I was miles in the lead yesterday because I have very very fast acceleration, but soon every one was overtaking me because I had a aweful top speed. Why did I? because I wasnt taking big enough strides, heres the car anology. when you want a car to go as fast as possible to you drive in 1st gear? No because although gear one accelerates fast at lower speeds because of the lower wheel spins per engine rotation (strides), once it gets to top speed for its first gear it cannot reach the cars potential top speed and is restricted, your basicly gonna burn out the engine to. So when you want to run full speed, you take big big strides!

The Mixed problem:-
Ok so you have good acceleration through first gear/smaller steps, but when you want to up to so that your running full speed, you switch to big strides for top speed right?Wrong. Although gear 5/ big strides is very fast, you need to be fast enough for it to be fast, basicly if your going to slow you will accelerate up to top speed in this stride very slowly, making you much slower. This would be like a car accelerating very quickly through 1st gear, but then going straight to 5th and taking ages to reach top speed. That is why there is gears 2 3 and 4.

How does this relate in running? well when your running, you should be increasing your stride every step, first strides would be small like 1st gear then you would gradually get bigger and bigger strides going up by 5-10 cm each time. This means that you will be getting good acceleration, without getting a low top speed. This is how you need to run, this is like a car going through all the gears, its much faster isnt it?!

But Like cars, our bodys need tuning, cars have proper gear ratios so they can have a good comprimise of acceleration and top speed, we need to practise and test/evulate our running to see if our stride is to big or small. If you are running and your being restricted quickly accelerating to each stride lengths top speed, then increase how much bigger your stride gets with each stride, vise versa if your accelerating to slowly and never reaching your top speed for each stride length, put the amount you add to your stride down. unfortunately this takes practise and quite alot of time and energy to do.

Finally, Your Optimum stride, like some cars have 5th gears and faster ones have 6th gears, you need to do alot of practising to find out your proper 'optium stride' length, this is how big your stride is when youve met your absolute top speed your body can go. You can change your absolute top speed by changing your optium stride, you need to do alot of training to find your optium stride, when you do find it however you will be able to run much much faster. Be aware, your optimum stride is not what you should always run, this would result in slow acceleration, instead you work your way up to your optimum stride, because the optimum stride is the name for the length of your stride which legs you go as fast as possible due to how long the strides take and how much distance is covered with each step, just practise loads, join a sprinting club if you need to and you will be taught good technique and how to find your optimum stride.


-big stride=big topspeed

-small stride=fast acceleration

-every stride should be getting bigger with each indivudual stride so that you have small strides for acceleration and big strides for top speed. This lets you accelerate as fast as possible up to your highest top speed.

-practise to find your optium stride.

-optium stride is the stride that gives you the most speed.(no anology for this because its quite the oposite in cars lol)

- a huge optium stride isnt neccesarly good, you need to practise and find the one that best suits your body, trying to have one to big for you means that you legs will be moving slower so each stride takes accually longer making you alot slower, whilest having one to small means your working really hard and going no where which slows you down to.

Good Point From Anymi
(If it is okay with you klc) I just wanna add that stretching the hamstrings will give you a better range of stride length. It can increase your stride length and makes you run through you legs not your lower back.

5.The Stepover

Due to players like Ronaldo de lima and Cristiano Ronaldo there are kids running around using the stepover non-stop now, and they have good reason to, I myself use the skill LOADS and its one of my favourite ways to beat a defender.

The stepover is a humble skill that was made many years ago... know one really knows whos its accual creator was, but however it was, they would be pretty rich today if they copyrighted it lol!

Its easily one of the most known skills in the book, people all over the world instantly reconise it and many use it and the occasional few that practise it...

incase you didnt know the stepover skill does what it says on the tin, it involves stepping over the ball and throwing your body with it to fake a defender and beat him, although it seems easy to do quickly, sell it and underpressure is quite hard so im going to tell you a step-to-step guide on how its done and how to practise it to get it up to tip top form

Step one:- Have both your feet shoulders length apart and well balanced, and if you want to really look like c.ronaldo you can stand on your tip toes aswel!(btw that was a joke, you should do it on your toes as you can move quicker and react quicker on your toes and less chance on damaging your heel which i know from expirence takes 6 agonyising months to completely heal up)

Step two:- Throw your chosen foot around the ball and use your body to make it look like your flying of in that direction when your about half way around the ball...

Step three:- ...Hit off in the other direction or do another stepover, this is why being on your toes is a good idea other wise it is hard to constantly shift yourweight and jump round the ball quick enough to make your step overs look good.This is the hardest part of doing a rally of stepovers, being on your toes helps tons and all you have to focus on is like your running when theres a splitsecond when no feet are on the ground, you should be taking off with the other foot when the first one is half way around the ball to make them look as fluent and fast as possible, although this takes practise and balance you will grasp it soon or a later

Now thats all there is to stepovers really, watch videos of ronaldo on youtube to see how they are done properly or robinho for the shorter person.

Now heres onto the hard bit, the training guide, this will not only help your touch and stamina but it also is handy and improves on your stepovers!

The idea is to stand with the ball, and do stepovers and quickly as u can for aslong as you can, after a good few your legs will be burning and you will be in agony after the minute mark but keep going and remember to do the stepovers properly by throwing your body with them, if you do this then doing stepovers in the game will feel much better and natural and you wont have to think about it as much, and most importantly they will look athentic!

tips:- practise every other day, you muscles build themselfs up after exercise when they are sore, not when they are screaming in the middle of a rep.

:- the more you practise the better they will get, it takes alot of practise to master this skill.

:- and most of all enjoy yourself and watch videos of ronaldo to inspire yourself, it will make you feel all that much better when you successfully become good at the skill and will make you feel proud.

Styles of Stepover:-
This is quite a difficult topic to talk about seeing as there are endless ammounts of ways you can do a step over, u can do them slow at the beginning and fast at the end, start fast and slow down do them equal speed but exagerate the shoulder and im sure you getting the point so what i'm going to do is tell you what some of the professionals do as their style.

ronaldo(brazialian):- he uses a medium speed well rounded stepover and uses good use of his body and shoulders to sell the trick. bends his leg as his goes round the ball and tends to only do 1 or 2 at a time at most, although its his quality that makes up for his lack of quantity.

c.ronaldo:- well known to use the stepover and in my opionion the best in the world at doing them, he has truely perfected this move, watch any video of him on youtube and u can see what i mean, he uses extremely quick feet and uses quite large steps and uses all of his body exeraged to dummy the player, but sometimes he doesnt use his body so that people will think he is just doing a step over and then he explodes when they dont expect it. He has his leg straighter than most people and does a rather large sweep around the ball, he is also on his toes 100% of the time which not only helps his fast footwork and pace but makes him look uber kool doing stepovers

Nani:- pretty much the same as c.ronaldo but not as quick or mastered, still a great performer/entertainer though.

robinho:- how could i leave him out?! he does very quick versions of brazilian ronaldo's ones using his body effectively to trick the defender he has his leg bend for the whole time and is on his heels.

summary:- the key difference in step over style is how much you use your body and sell them when going to beat the striker.

Common errors
:- after doing the stepover planting your foot ahead of the ball and the ball ends up behind you.

:- cutting across the ball too quickly and hitting the ball away.

:- doing them too quickly for what you have practised and 'tieing you legs together' rather easy to do when you first start but after a day or two of practise this isnt a problem.

:- messing up the shifting of your weight when doing one stepover and slipping over.

Well this is all ive come up with so far, that training program ive told you is by far the best you can do, ive done it 3 times in the last week and ive improved more in the last week than i have in the last year. Dedication shouldnt be a problem seeing as all you have to do is watch a cr7 video to get you flaring to go. And now coming to one of the most important points, confidence is everything in football, never mind doing skills, practising them untill you feel very calm and relaxed when doing them and they feel really easy and fluent then you are ready to start using them alot, but personally i use them all the time even before i became a bit of a stepover specialist and let me tell you something, playing in skool with you friends is the fastest way to boost your confidence and to improve yourself overall.

Combine this trick with the Gambetta style I mentioned earlier and you have your dribbling style perfected and you get to choose your own trade-mark skills to throw in and use too!

6.The Time To Control

One of the key points id like to talk about is how close the ball should be to you when you are dribbling. Now it comes down to entirely on situation, but most times, the best distance would be ideally 0. Thats right, the ball should be glued to your foot when your running, look at players like George Best and Maradona and you can see that just before they beat the defender, when they are near the ball is stuck to them like a fly and they approuch them slowly, then proceeding to fake in one direction and stroll off with the ball in the other.

To put this into perspective for you, you should be pretending that the football is one of your testicles and you have to take it from A to B with your feet, thats how gentle your touchs on the ball need to be to keep it that close to you. I practise just running around doing this, keeping the ball really close but changing direction sharply and trying to do it all as fast as i possibly can, greatly helps your ball control and makes you unbelievably good at dribbling, just look at messi as an example.

Here are some fundamental problems people have with this:-

-You are not keeping the ball close enough to yourself, refer to the testicle part to see how close the ball should be to your feet

-Your waiting too long to do a trick or attempt to beat the opponent.

As a random guess id probably say its a mixture of the two, its just their really common problems in peoples dribbling. To fix this, again follow my instructions about touching the ball unbelievably lightly and to run faster take more touchs and steps, not hit the ball further away, obviously the ball is going to get away from you more when you start running faster or sprinting even, but even when sprinting the idea is to keep the ball as close to your body as possible, Ronaldo is a fantastic example of a player that can keep the ball close yet still be one of the fastest players in the world off and on the ball.

As for the timing of the tricks, this is a big obsticle that i had to beat, if you leave it too late to perform a trick, its the same as waiting to long to do a 1v1 finish, IE the goalkeeper is too close and the angles are unbelievably hard to get past him now, to be honest 99% of my beating touchs are done when the player is about 5 strides away, it doesn't seem like this would be possible but if you do it correctly, even a change of speed and direction will beat a defender with ease and because your further back you don't have to change direction at such a harsh angle. Typically, if hes close enough to put his foot in for the ball, then your too close to do any feints, just keep the ball close to you and make sure he doesn't catch you off guard and tackle you, just wait for his commitment and then beat him maradona style

I do alot of stepovers, been a real big ronaldo fan, but to be honest, just changing direction with a change of speed is as effective as messi and maradona and george best have all proved, but you can really make a mess of your defenders just by throwing your leg around the ball before taking it past them. It makes you look amazing, is unbelievably fun and it also works on good defenders who aren't commiting themselves and are very good jockeys.

Experience is a huge part of football, alot of the time I don't even think about what im doing when im dribbling, it just comes naturally after watching so many professionals do it and doing it myself. Just work on your control with the ball and your accelleration and stamina and you will eventually become a fantastic dribbler.

7.The Good DJ's Mix It Up

If you think to yourself you're going to do this skill in my next one v one then you might aswel give up trying to dribble forever. If your the type of person who thinks, oh, ill try some stepovers on the next guy, even before the situation then you will fail at dribbling completely and thats the adverse to creativity.

The real key is been able to interpret the situation quickly enough to see what skill would be most fitted to the situation and do your best to make the most of the situation, if the person is on the right hand side on your shadowing, theirs no point thinking of doing a right footed hocus pocus because you will just be passing the ball to him.

In all honesty, through years of practising dribbling and playing in matchs, confidence in yourself is the most important key, when you start believing in yourself you will do things you never thought were possible. Now when im dribbling i don't even think to be honest, everything is 100% instinctive, i don't think through the legs or stepover to the left, i just so it in a flow that takes me around people, the other day i done a outside flipflap in a 5 a side match without even thinking about it and flicking it through his legs, everyone went mental because of how quality it looked.

Flair and creativity are things you can work at though and with some practise you'll be coming up with some amasingly good ways to beat players and to make yourself a much more accomplished dribbler.

The Old "Freeze-Sucka!"

We're going to take a look at a rather fantastic video now.


Well well well, Maradona, one of the best dribblers of ALL time, im now going to analyse his type of dribbling, and rather to say, commentary on the above video to show you basicly, what made him so good, besides his unbelievably balance and acceleration.

At 0:15 we can see Maradona approaching the defenders with the ball glued to his foot under complete control. The defenders are all backing off and jockeying so to speak. At 0:17, one of the defenders decides to stop backing off. Maradona spots this, and with a sly fake kick he takes it around the rather bamboozeled defender. What you saw at 0:17 was one of the most single important moments in any dribble or tackle. The defender was committed the second he had stopped backing off and jockeying, and as we all know, no one, no matter how fast can go from a stand still or even a run towards the attacker and turn around and run full speed in the opposite direction instantly. This is what Maradona and all dribbling captilises on. The fact that the defender is committed allows him to easily do a fake kick and change of speed and direction and allows him to walk past him, he does this again and again, the ball constantly under full control untill he pulls off his shot and scores.

0:29 the defender is backing off from Maradona, a second later he has stopped backing off to try and tackle him and maradona fakes a kick and cuts it past him with ease. The exact same method used.

What we see at 0:31 however is slightly different. In this case the defender is traveling towards Maradona and from the right hand side of the screen. Maradona sees this and does a fake kick and cuts it the otherway past him. When a defender is running towards you, it means they are committed, it means they are even more committed than if they have just stopped backing off which means its even easier for you to do a fake kick and run past them.

A few sharp viewers may have noticed that at 0:18 the last defender is backing off but Maradona still gets past them without even as much as a fake kick, how does he do this you are thinking? The reality is he doesn't get past him, because the defender still manages to get a challenge in afterwards, even if Maradona still scores. If the defender is still able to get a challenge in then why does Maradona still score? because he turned the defender. Maradona has perfect control and unbelievable acceleration, that is the reason he manages to get past the defender this time without losing the ball. But he didn't need that pace and control to beat the defender in this instance, he just uses the fact that the defender is facing the other way so if the ball is cut behind him and he runs onto it, the defender will always be second to the ball because he has to turn around, unless you are slow and the defender is unbelievably fast, this will always work.

At 0:37 we again see the goalkeeper running towards to challenge him and making the fatal mistake of committing himself, because once hes committed then Maradona only uses a sly fake kick and he is past him with ease.

All this talk of having the defender frozen on the spot or running towards you and commitment may have you wondering, what do you do when a defender is not running towards you. The answer is simple, even a jockeying defender can be committed. Basicly, if a defender is backing off from you and is jockeying, they will still react to a stepover or fake kick because they have too, because they are trying to follow your actions and predict what your doing, so if your actions tell them that your about to run in a certain direction or have a shot on goal, then their priority is to stop you from going in that direction or get infront of the shot, which in turn means they have to stop or come towards you/put a challenge in, so if a defender is backing off from you, aslong as your close enough to sell the fakes then a good fake kick will have most defenders floored.

Of course if a defender is backing away from you enough then why would you want to beat them? Defenders are obstacles in your way to stop you from scoring, so would you try and get around a obstacle thats already getting out of the way for you? Just thing about that, if you dribble towards the defender and he keeps backing off then use it to your advantage, because eventually he will have to challenge you, just don't let yourself become contained by him, don't let him slow you down or push you out to the wings. The best way to go about a Jockeying defender is to run directly at him because this almost forces him to freeze and stop and put a challenge in and aslong as you haven't been stupid enough to dribble into him, you can safely fakekick the ball past him, this is the technique Messi uses, look at the videos at the bottom of the page, he tells us there how he runs directly at them with speed which FORCES them to freeze on the spot or come towards him which means their committed and allows him to fake kick past them with ease! thats how simple it is.

Skipping ahead to now one of the greatest goals ever scored. 6:20, defender is backing off and maradona has the ball under complete control dribbling towards them. A second later and the england defender moves towards him and Maradona does a fake kick and change of pace past him. In the same second we see the next defender backing off but at 6:22 he stops and tries to tackle Maradona. This results in Maradona touching the ball past him with a burst of pace. 6:25 and the goalkeeper has come out and stopped trying to stop Maradona, with a fake kick and change of direction the commited keeper is left stranded as Maradona slots the ball into the open goal.

Well thats it guys, ive put alot of effort into getting all this together and this is alot of stuff that I think could benefit anyones game. Please take the time to comment and tell me what you think, any improvements and tell me anything you'd like to add. Id like to thank Newbornprodigy for alot of help that hes given me over my time on this forum and im sure both of us can continue to help other people on this forum.

Heres a link section that I will hopefully add to in the near future of any videos or otherguides that I think are particularly useful.



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Faboulastic,apart from the technique the mental thing, the instinctiveness in your moves is really important and thats what i really lacked

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klc123 wrote: 1.The Rules to Follow In Life

-Read Newbornprodigy's guides
Lmfao :lol: :D wow i giggled at that
I follow a very similar philosiphy for acheivement (Passion-Possibility-Perseverence)
I liked how yours was put

But to get down to busniess... the guide was great, I will be honest i skipped a few bits cause i have read them before

But the info and effort is there and this will certainly help people who are looking for a different perspective on dribbling (your explaination style is quite unique, its like its in the second person and is very easy to relate to)

BUT... the presentation is generally kinda difficult to follow in such a big guide (trust me i had to touch up on this myself when writing big guides)
but I won't hold this against you cause presentation is something very easily fixed (and yours isn't all that bad)

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Great post, very informative, I'll give it a better read when I don't have exams to study for.
On stepovers, is it necessarily a good thing to do them as fast as possible? I always liked the Brazillian Ronaldo's stepovers better because he makes them look more convincing than C Ronaldo. As far as I can tell, CR7 would be just as succesful if he did cuts and turns, because it's his control, unpredictability, and acceleration that make him beat defenders. R9 actually made defenders fall from his stepovers.
Then again, I've never had to use stepovers, the defenders I play against will commit if you look at them funny. More knowledgeable people please tell me what I'm missing about CR7.

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Fantastic post, loved the 'Need for speed' 'Art of decision making' and 'Stepovers' :D

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So someone rate this a 4.999999999/5 for me, as there's always a 0.000000001 margin of error (it's okay though you'll learn sooner or later :wink: )

So what I learned from this:
- You're a good dribbler (or so you say)
- You love stepovers
- You love the way Ronaldo does stepovers
- And you're pretty confident in your dribbling skills and your decision making skills (or so you imply)

I think tho that you should add Zidane into your picture of stepovers 'styles'. Zidane was one of those rare great players who lacked speed, but yet he was a great dribbler, especially his stepovers because he did them so widely and so convincingly (not to mention rarely, nobody ever gets beaten by CR7 stepovers nowadays, they just wait). Just an opinion tho :P

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Great post, should help a lot of people including myself. I liked the bit about not thinking about anything when dribbling and just doing it, that is so true, when i did taekwondo, i eventually picked that up and got more power and speed into my kicks.
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Ronaldo de lima does his stepovers as fast as C Ronaldo, its just Ronaldo de lima does bigger stepovers and "sells" them more to say so they take longer to do. Trust me, fast stepovers are good, you will never fool anyone with a big slow stepover, you need to do it fast and big to make it look like Ronaldo de lima.

The thing with C Ronaldo, he does alot of tiny show stepovers, but when he actuallly goes to beat a player with one he does big ones and sells them so its difficult to comment on his style.

I didn't feel the need to include Zidane because he has pretty much the exact same technique as Ronaldo de lima and used them in the same way as Ronaldo de lima did towards the end of his career as he lost his pace.

Kakasgotskillz. The purpose of this post was not to explain what I think of my dribbling, it is to help other people understand some of the basic techniques and the fundamentals aswel as some of the advanced aspects of dribbling, and looking over it I think it does this very well.

Thanks for the comments guys, im planning to try and add some pictures and perhaps add more sections in at a later date, as I said, this is a complete work in progress so feel free too add anything that you think would be beneficial or is a good point to have.


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Is this guide done yet...?

Or are you still adding more...? :shock:
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Why, do you think theres not enough? :/

As I said, id try and add more stuff when I get the time or come up with more things to write about but im not actively spending lots of time thinking about it lol...

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klc123 wrote:Why, do you think theres not enough? :/

As I said, id try and add more stuff when I get the time or come up with more things to write about but im not actively spending lots of time thinking about it lol...
no this guide is long enough....

very good guide and very well written. Thanks for taking the time to write this.

I was just wondering if there was more to come...
"The road to athletic greatness is not marked by perfection but the ability to constantly overcome adversity and failure."

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Great guild, this is the main reason why i actually joined, to get help from guilds and other players and coaches.

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Glad I could help, go on them links I gave at the bottom for even more help. One of the best things you can do is to watch other pro players on tv or youtube such as videos of messi or ronaldo dribbling to learn yourself.

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klc123 wrote:One of the best things you can do is to watch other pro players on tv or youtube such as videos of messi or ronaldo dribbling to learn yourself.
One of the best things behind actually dribbling against opponents, may I add

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Looks good I will have to read it!

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