Stomach Pain after long run

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Stomach Pain after long run

Post by pickyourheadup »

I tried researching this topic quickly on google, but couldn't find any concrete information.

In order to stay in shape for soccer I run 5k races. I train for these at least 2 weeks in advance. I the type of food I eat (no junk food). I am always drinking water as well.
-as a side note, I am always doing some aphysical activity. I don't train sporadically.

However, after every race my stomach seems to be upset. I do eat an apple or a banana after the race. I also have a sports drink and water, but the problem persists.

In addition to this happening after a strenuous 5k race, it also happens after a long soccer match.

Does anyone have an idea as to what the problem is?
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Post by krizzle »

This has happened to me a few times, especially after sprinting basically our whole P.E. class playing soccer.

I think it's just cramps, like leg cramps, but in the stomach area. I think doing abdominal strength exercises will help.
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Post by evo »

Try having a long soak in a really hot bath (or shower) afterwards. I used to get stomach cramps and that's the only thing that cured it.
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Post by pickyourheadup »

Ok, I'll try working on my abs more and taking that bath. Thanks guys.
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Post by klc123 »

When your doing exercise the blood goes from your stomach to your legs and arms to keep them moving, so any food in your stomach is not getting taken into your blood so your stomach gives a pain about it.
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Post by stephen8789 »

klc is right to prevent this dont eat anything within 2 hours of the race or soccer game
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Post by nick117 »

correction do not eat heavy stuff within 2 hours i often eat a light food around an hour away a small bar or something but it never gives me problems.
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Post by dasfootball90 »

sometimes this happens to me when I ate lunch and practice. just listen to what nick117 said about eating 2hr before playing or practice.. It works
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Post by panchester07 »

5k are strenuous?
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Post by mrbeankid22 »

panchester07 wrote:5k are strenuous?
When you are racing, definitely yes. Even a 5k fitness jog is not something I'd consider right after eating a meal.
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Re: Stomach Pain after long run

Post by Ackee »

I was so, too. I started a little less to run and everything went.
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