Are you a Glory Hunter?

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Lets see which people on EF are Glory Hunters....

Post what teams you support, then why you support them, and if you honestly think you are a glory supporter. If you dont think someone has a good enough reason, then they are Glory Hunters :p


- Spurs. Support them because people were calling me a glory hunter. They suck.

Here are mine:

Chicago Fire
Reason: First because Stoichkov played there, then stuck with them because St. Louis doesnt have a team and since they are awesome.

Glory: No

Bayern Munchen
Reason: They have a lot of my favorite players ( Schweinsteiger, Lahm, Klose etc.) But recently have been playing a lot of attention to BVB

Glory: Some would say yes, i would say no

Reason: Players, like pretty much everyone (needed a spainish team to support :P)

Glory: Perhaps


Reason: Home Town

Glory: No
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I'm just gonna say this:

Most Manchester United fans: GLORY HUNTERS

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Arsenal: been supporting them going on 9 years now. First heard of them because of Ljungberg. I wouldn't say I'm a glory hunter. Been sticking by Arsenal for a long time. I don't support any other team like most people do who "support" 2-3 clubs. Arsenal are the only club for me.

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My friend is the biggest Glory Hunter Ever....

When Houston won the MLS Cup, they become his favorite team.

When Columbus won the MLS Cup, he said " Columbus and Houston are now my 2 favorite teams"

He also supports:

- Spain (AFTER they won Euro)
- Italy (started to say he supported them AFTER they won 2006)
- Manchester United
- Barcelona AND Real Madrid (thats not strange at all)
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Liverpool: Came for the champs league 2005 win, stayed for this history and the players.

Glory: Yeah, I guess, I want us to win stuff, but I wouldn't have kept supporting Liverpool if that was the only reason would I?

Whitecaps: Hometown

Glory: Nope, but we'll get it anyway

Spurs: Like them, they've got a good team and a lot of class players (lennon)

Glory: No, but I just like watching them play

The Hammers: I like them, they're plucky.

Glory: No, just want them to finish well each year.

Arsenal: Don't really support them, but they have my respect since their fans are usually soccer fans and not just club fans

Glory: No, but I'd like it if they come in second to 'Pool's first

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Have family in the Arsenal locality, they introduced me to proffesional football via Arsenal, I have supported them since roughly 2002/3 because of it, Loved Henry as my favortie player of all time because of it
Watched my first ever televised match where I actually payed attention to what was going on and FA cup final vs Southhamption, can barely remember anything apart from an amazing string of passes were did and an amazing save by David Seaman

Glory: No

I just like watching them because Henry is there... don't really support them, and I don't care if they lose or not as long as Thierry plays well

Glory: No, but I don't really support them either
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manchester united:
started liking them when they won the premiership in 03. i geuss that makes me a glory hunter but i was only 9 adn i continued to like them even though they didnt win for 3 seasons.

bayern munich:
watched them play a game around 04/05. they beat mainz i think like 4 nil, and ballack, roy makaay, oliver kahn, and the rest were just great to watch.

vancouver whitecaps:
best canadian club in my opinion.

so i guess i am somewhat a glory hunter. there are other teams i like that dont winchampionships etc, but i dont watch them very often so i wouldnt say i actually support them.

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Manchester United

I started liking them a little over 5 years ago, when I was about 10 years old. At this time I just started to play travel soccer and I was starting to take soccer seriously. My best friend, an arsenal supporter got me to strat watching soccer on t.v. I started to watch premiership games and really enjoyed it. I just loved Manutd's stadium, fans, players, and how they played. I've been watching their games regularly for about 3 years, the first two years I didn't have all the soccer channels available, but now since I ref, I pay for them....

Glory hunter: No
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Doncaster rovers

Ive supported these for god knows how long now, even when they were close to the end :( , they are my local team and quite a few of my family support them.

Glory: no

Dunno how i started supporting these really, i think it was somert to do with one of my sisters old boyfriends and h e got me a Liverpool kit, the first ever kit i got i think.

Glory: no
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Tottenham Hotspur: Started supporting them because I have my aunt and uncle live in Tottenham, and the first shirt I ever got was 1994-95 Klinsmann Spurs shirt.

Glory: No

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Chelsea till i die,grew up not knowing much bout football,but my older bro and his friends were always talking bout chelsea,i dnt know but when i started to watch football,chelsea was it,glory hunter,no,reason why not,cause when i started to watch football and decided i was going to be a chelsea fan i knew NOTHING about any team's history,nothing,only found out a bit later(i actually did not know that we had won the title twice till i came on ef) and at 1 point i used to say i support manu and chelsea,manu cause tevez but i kew i had to choose,chose the team i grew to like and now i actually like really really hate manu,now ive been a supporter of chelsea for about a little over 2 years n know alot about the club now,sorry bout the life story btw

n d9 wats happening?.....n how many teams to u want to support :P
Oh crap,missed me bus!!

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I know it's now 2015 and this was done in 2009, but here goes anyway.

I support manchester City. It's where me/family is from and has been since the 1800's. I've grown up supporting them and have always been 100 percent a fan.
Then we got rich and the world called all city fans glory hunters.
Anyway, back to the topic,
Glory: No! Not a chance!

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