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i found this info in a football magazine, total youth football tobe precise and i thought i may as well put it on here.

supplement: carbohydrate

Available in: Can be found on the shelves in many forms including gels, powdered drinks and tablets.
What does it do: Carbs are used as the main energy source for the human body, so carbohydrate supplements are used to boost available stores, especially during during prolonged training sessions (longer then an hour).

supplement: caffeine
available in: Found in high concentrations in coffee, tea and fizzy drinks, but can also be bought in tablet form or in specialist drinks.
What does it do: Caffeine was on the prohibited substances list at one time but has been removed. it is a potent stimulant and and improves reaction time and power/sprint ability.

Supplement: recovery aids
Available in: Commonly found in the form of powdered drinks.
Background: Professional athletes are now regularly using protein/carbohydrate recovery supplements.
What does it do: A protein and carb-based recovery supplement is best taken immediately after exercise. It gives the body the necessary protein to enable muscle recovery and also gives the body sufficient energy to enable exercise the following day by refilling body glycogen stores.

hope u find this useful and interesting. :P :P :P
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nice info :D could u plz also tell that how much a person shd consume them in a day?

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I don't like to train my body to this supplements. For me best supplements is just fresh cool water...

But coffeine is good... :twisted: --> Coffe, Cola Zero... Yummy...

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