Making too many mistakes

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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Lately I been having problems playing soccer. When I play it seems like I can't do anything right :cry: . I don't want to quit because I love :D the sport so I was hoping someone could give me a little bit of advice on what I should do.

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Making mistakes is a part of the game, and a part of everyday life.

Without mistakes you will not be able to learn. Just try to think about what you did worng last time and avoid it as much as possible.

Don't let mistakes put your game down. When professional soccer players, lose the ball, miss a goal, etc what do they do? They keep playing as if nothing has happened. Try to forget about your mistakes and tell yourself that you'll do better next time.

"Quitters never win, winners never quit" If you love the game, you will stick to it, and it will stick to you. You will encounter many obstacles, but you need to get over them and keep your goals as a straight priority.

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u should practice by ur self some time. and when u practice by ur self try to listen to music. this is what i usuallt do, becz i gives me power and makes me keep working on my mistakes untill i am good at it. and also i dont get bored quickly

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dont give up...its ur confidence.
trust me.everyone goes through that phase
try to make this a positive experience
positive atitude creates postive results

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Confidence and practice...well practice builds confidence so u'll feel good on the ball and perform better too
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i had the same situation over the last 2 YEARS.i couldn't even take a touch it seemed b4 it was nicked off me.i couldn't take a man on and beat him either.[im a winger].but im glad to say im finally gettin out of the patch.just ask yourself why did you start playing football.answer this question to yourself and then you'll realise what your doing worked for me and i got this advice off TIGER WOODS the season before he won all the majors.tell me your answer.if its right then you can get out of this patch sooner rather than later.if the answer is wrong then you may get too frustrated and end up playing crap.i'll help you from my really is a terrible feelin though.i hated it and glad its finished for me

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thats funny because im going through the same phase luckily i have a teammate who has been helping me through it i can not get the without losing it if i try to pass it and it ends up as a bad pass. before this happened i was the best passer on my team now im the worst, but confidence has help me through and now im breaking free!! im becoming a starter again!

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we all make mistakes on the field but don't worry about how ur going to play too much. and maybe u can practice on whatever u mess up on by yourself and maybe u can improve ur skills.try juggling and practising new moves and techniques and make the mistake during practice instead of during the games.

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every player goes thru a bad spell of form. it just happens. the best ones always come thru it better than b4.

jst keep practicing and get ur confidence back. it doesn't usually take a lot to get ur confidence back - a goal or taking it round a defender skillfully is usually enough for me.
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that is called the crisis..... it is normal, but when it starts it can end until the next game or until the next season :shock: ..... it just leaves as it starts....
but maybe you are perfectionist :)

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I've let in own goals but was never dropped because I just moved on... Dun worry... U'll be on track soon.

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