What's it going to take to make football popular in the US

Talk about football in the AFC, CAF, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL and the rest of the World
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What has to be done to make football a major American sport?

Beckham alone won't be able to do it. I think the MLS is going in the right

direction but many other things need to happen. The national team system

has to be reworked and I hope Bob Bradley might do that. I also think the

world cup needs to come back in either 2014 or 2018.

what are your thoughts?

(i looked and searched and there wasn't a topic on this yet)
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Honestly, we need a superstar to come from the inner-city streets, and when I say a superstar, I mean a flashy street-footballer like Ronaldinho, not a hard-worker like McBride. Look at the the history of the great footballers in the world. They were all dirt poor in their childhood (Rivaldo lost teeth and had crooked legs because of malnutrition, Ronaldo and Adriano come from the roughest of Favelas, I saw Tevez's neighborhood in person, and it's nasty, and Henry comes from the Parisian projects.) The whole suburban setup of American soccer discourages passion from the game, yet when these kids have nothing but a ball and their feet, they learn to truly love the game. Therefore, US Soccer needs to reach out into the inner-city community, possibly the hip-hop community, and try to boost street footie. There is such a popularity amongst people in basketball especially after the And-1 mixtapes, and therefore, I think that we should try the same thing. Unfortunately, these super-talented superstars just aren't coming from poor areas right now, although Dempsey is close. For short term, maybe US Soccer should advertise him instead of Donovan.
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mpcarres14 wrote:Dempsey is close. For short term, maybe US Soccer should advertise him instead of Donovan.
He was a candidate for fulfilling the potential role model that you described, although now I don't think he would work because he isn't playing in MLS anymore. Even though him being in the EPL emphasizes how skilled a player he is, it makes him less marketable because he seems more disconnected from the urban community that would be targeted.

For now, I think your idea about bringing street football into cities is a good idea to start to popularize football in America. Perhaps a collection of Dutch street players could do a USA tour, similar to the And1 tour, and for each stop on the tour there could be an open tryout one day prior to see who the dutch players would play against. I think that certainly would be a good step to start that process.

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