Why do you love playing soccer

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Why do you love playing soccer

Post by futbol4ever »

i was just curious whats the story with some of us who love and adore playing soccer. i started loving to play soccer this year mostly, and im from the philippines its just hard to play soccer where iam at, everything envolves basketball. im pretty good basketball player but i love to play soccer now, and why do i love playing soccer now. i actually dont know yet. it just something in me that says that i love playing it, and i alwayz did. may be i was someone famouse before who played in the pro league. and why cause its an awesome sport and all of you guys will agree and girls ofcourse. sorry for it being long.. im just curious why you guys feel about this sport. its so hard in the philippines the main sport that everyone do is basketball. but who cares of basketball right now .. long live soccer the worlds most famous sport hehehe..
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Post by Ronaldinho10 »

I've loved playing football since i could stand on two feet and kick a ball. I love playing any sort of football on my own own 2 a side 11 a side whatever give me a football and i am happy. I have also found recently that the more relaxed I am the better i play so now i always try to smile and laugh and relax when i am playing in more important games because you've got to just relax and enjoy yourself playing football. :D
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Post by jcdenton »

since the national sport in my country (Serbia) is basketball (we are world champions), my father wanted me to become professional basketball player, but when i was 11, some of my friends started playing football in a local club. since then, for me football was a very stupid game, i couldn't juggle more than 6 times.
now i enjoy football everyday, i play it as much as i can
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Post by futbol4ever »

football is just an awesom sport.. i cant believe dint like it when i was a kid.. geez.. thank you guys for answering this question.. its just awesome to hear the stories of other people.. how they became inloved in playing soccer.. ok i gtg im in school lol.. teacher is coming shes going to yell at me if she shes me on
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Post by soccerchic_06 »

hmmmm, when where and why did i start soccer.............
well, i really dont know!!! I mean, i never really knew what soccer was when i wanted to play it. I was in kendigarten, and each year in the fall i begged my dad if i could play. i didnt really no what soccer was! But it was this magical attraction like God was telling me to play or something like that. Finnally in the spring of 4th or 5th grade i got my dad to sign me up. He's real lazy sometimes, lol.... But i love it and thats why i am on this website!!
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Post by Gunner_d14 »

Where, just about everywhere, hallways, streets, backyards, bedroom, field..it's all good, and anytime at all its all good.
Why? i dunno, i love the sport, it's entertaining,played it since i was a kid but didn't develop the love for it till secondary school, its just my thing
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Post by dooglas »

when, anytime, where, anywhere, why....its a thinking mans game, its like war, you have to strategize and its one of the only sports where size isnt a huge issue. ive played since i was 7 never really knew why i wanted to though.
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Post by Fantasista »

first I had no intrest in soccer. But when I tried to play Im hook with soccer,
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Post by *yung-ital* »

I love football bbecause its the best sport and im good at it.
i play it everywhere i go.theres always a ball on my foot
i play it every day
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Post by Magicfeet »

When I'm on the pitch I feel free.
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Post by Wiseman_philosopher »

Football = my life.

The only thing which I've ever been good at, and felt confident in.
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Post by Maradona »

Before I use to ignore soccer I was more into basketball and computer stuffs. I don't even remember WC 98 but when I saw WC 2002 I felt something about the game and for the game since then I got more interested in the "Beautful Game".
The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does.
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Post by sOcCeRKiD11 »

cuz my dad..wen i was 4 he took me to this place and watch the 1994 WC with him.and he wud always talk soccer to me..then i started playing soccer..and then they 1998..we wud watch every game...and then i played more soccer..then the Wc2002 come..we wud still try to watch every game together..even tho we miss many games..then i started playing more soccer..and oneday i wanna playing the WC and my dad is there watch me..thats my dream..my wish..to playing in the WC and my dad is there watching me..proud that his is wut he is

i think i love soccer because of DAD....and i play because i want to impress him..i want him to no that his son cud b one of those players like ronaldo..maradona...zidane..ect.

i love soccer bcuz i love my dad
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Post by Gunner_d14 »

wows give this man an oscar...
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Post by soccer11 »

The thing with me is that i started playing when i was 6, but i didnt really like it cuz my dad forced me. The next year, he told me he wasnt going to force me to play if i didnt want to. Of course though, i wanted to because i played throughout the year. Since then i've always played it wherever, whenever. This amazing sport is the only thing that can keep me occupied for hours and it doesnt seem boring. That field that i play on, it feels like I'm running from prison. I feel like a person whose locked up for such a long time untill game time, when it feels like i'm escaping. For me, most of the time life feels like a prison, and soccer is my escape.
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