Basic nutrition guide

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Basic nutrition guide

Post by Viduka »

The 'Basic' Nutrition Guide

This basic guide is not meant to cover every nutritional detail making you the most healthy person in the world. It follows simple instructions with only minor details that will benefit you in everyday situations.

This guide is broken down into two simple sections
called Food & Drink and Weight Loss, two of the most brought up topics in the Nutrition Section.

Food & Drink

Eating and Drinking healthily is an essential if you want to become a good footballer, however this doesn’t just benefit football, it is the most important aspect of all as it improves health dramatically and can make us feel good about ourselves hence it helps us progress better into the sporting world.

Top 3
1. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, a variety is always best. From all the colours of the rainbow or.. check the food pyramid in the guide below. :)

2. Avoid saturated fats, and stick to unsaturated such as fish oil, nuts, seeds and avocado. Saturated fat is fat that consists of triglycerides containing only saturated fatty acids if you do biology then you will learn this, but guess what? I’m not a teacher so I won’t bother going thro detail lol. And this is a basic guide.

2. i) In conjunction with fats, never eat trans fats they are linked to coronary heart disease, trans fats occur naturally, in small quantities, in meat and dairy products from ruminants, they may be monounsaturated or polyunsaturated. -provided by Icy

3. Don’t consume too much sugar as it lowers your metabolism (basically the rate your break down food) so if you eat loads of sugar, well you break it down slower and will store more fat.

Also thanks to Icy for providing a sugar link its much worse, due to his link requiring email registration I have just loaded it as an image here

For other great advice check following link

Guide to a Footballer's Diet
by gnarlyjim

Top 3
1. One word, WATER 8-11 Glasses :shock: , this is loads I know..and I admit even I don’t do this much but just drink plenty of water, and not all at once because that will wash your electrolytes, ions etc. that your body is trying to absorb.

2. No alcohol, a little is fine in a week but don’t over do it and especially before a game, if you do it before a game than omg your kidding me...This is also covered in the Weight Loss section.

3. Isotonic Hypertonic and Hypotonic check the amazing guide below, extra drinks that help benefit nutrients lost by the body during work out or athletic activity.

Guide to Sports Drinks - Isotonic, Hypotonic and Hypertonic
by oobee007

Weight Loss

This small section isn't to do with body building but rather the small details that many people dont realise affects how they store their fat on their stomach or other areas of the body.

Generally half your body weight in oz (ounces). is what is recommened. <- this is a weight conversion site.

Top 3
1. Exercise, plenty of this will get you losing that flab, as long as you don’t put it on again by ignoring my food and drink advice. Im sure youve heard this advice before...

2. Stop drinking alcohol, because I’m sure everyone has heard of the term ‘munchies,’ if not basically makes you want to eat more. 'Also it stunts the growth of muscles so if you just completed a hard workout that day try to avoid it'

3. Do not eat late at night, as body stores more in sleep. And only as a last resort if you must e.g. from working late. Then go for something that is mostly protein because your body will still use it in your sleep.

Hope this is simple enough aswell as helpful. :wink:
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Post by gunnerz23 »

wow that is a nice guide viduka. Really helpful and informative.
I learnt a bit from just just reading that! *clap clap*
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Post by Icy »

Good guide it will help many. Just thought I'd throw out a few things you can add.

-Never eat trans fats they are linked to heart disease

- Mono-unsaturated > Poly-unsaturated fats (You would think the other way around)

-Sugar 'Dangers' (Take what is said here with a pinch of salt)

-Generally half your body weight in oz. is what is recommened. (8oz = about a small glass)

-Although alcohol is bad in the first place it stunts the growth of muscles so if you just completed a hard workout that day try to avoid it

Remember I am not trying to be a jerk or anything just trying to contribute to this as I am too lazy to type up my own guide. :lol:
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Post by ben23 »

pretty good guide. someone should make it sticky so it doesnt move down the list and never get read again.
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Post by gnarlyjim »

Good guide. Very informative, worth the stars. If only I could actually follow it.. I like candy too much. :P
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Post by Viduka »

Thanks for the comments lads, Icy I added your information in and wow sugar is alot worse than I thought :P

gnarlyjim your guide is just as good if not better and hence I had to link it :D
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Post by heiky0711 »

good guide :)

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Post by Jimaldo »

Good, although I'm 99% sure that the alcohol stunting muscle growth is untrue. Although alcohol is definately a bad thing, it doesn't affect muscle growth at all as far as I know. Alcohol contains alot of calories and puts extra strain on your liver, it also dehydrates you, so yes it's bad, just the reason given isn't right. (Again as far as I know :D )
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Re: Basic nutrition guide

Post by DannyEx »

That' true for many sportsmen and athletes. Hardworking and eat simple.
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