is it to late?

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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ok guys I am 20 years old, I have been playing for 5 months. I feel like i am better than some people who have played for months but at the same time there are kids who are of the age of 16 that could surpass me. Nevertheless, I feel like I can get good, if not good, than great. However, I was hanging out wth my friends today and we were talking about soccer, and all of them agreed you can't be great unless you have played all your life. Well I started playing when I was 5, but stopped when i was 12 and picked it back up at 20, What they said really bugged me, I would like to know your opinion about whether or not it is to late to become great in soccer. Please be honest. Thank you.

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It's probably too late.
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It's far too late by then. Maybe you should be considering to be good in maybe pickups games, but don't expect much.

Sorry for that.

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Sorry, but I have to lock this topic, because there are already 100 other topics asking the same question. Your question doesn't lead to rational discussion. Nobody here knows how good you are to begin with or how quickly you learn.
you can't be great unless you have played all your life
It depends on what your definition of 'great' is. You could have played all of your life and still suck.