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Post by expert »

Current updates:
1. I have updated to Golaco.net to load much faster
2. Phil has merged golaco.net with the current database of forum users. Your accounts should work with both sites now.
3. The forum's login system will be modified to adopt our custom login server on Tuesday (September 26)

Following updates:
1. Full redesign of Golaco.net, the forums, LocalSoccerGames.com, the directory and the rest of EF
2. Merging the chatroom with our new log-in system
3. Individual freestyle video/picture albums for all EF users

Possible future updates:
1. Blogs
2. E-mail accounts
3. Social networking
4. SMS/text messaging (with match result, etc)
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Post by iwannagopro »

the current updates sound cool, and so do the following updates. Out of the possible future updates, It would be really cool if we could get @expertfootball.com addresses. It would probably cost though, huh. But otherwise, cool updates.
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Post by Real_Zidane »

The updates are looking awesome! Nice work!
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Post by ratherton »

The new look is pretty good but I think the centre section needs to be wider. There is a lot of dead space on the left and right of the screen and on some of the forums, the titles and posts look a bit squashed up.
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Post by powell »

yeh i agree that it would look better if it was to be wider especally whilst read a topic, makes it look a bit bear, but other wise i love then new look, nice job expert
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Post by ASpring »

New design definantly is pretty awesome.

One problem though, my Log Out, Search, Members etc. menu now covers part of the right side of the forums.

EDIT: Nevermind, it seems to be fixed now that I'm back on. I think my computer is just stupid because I've been getting weird stuff like this lately.
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Post by Ronaldinho10 »

I can't seem to get "view posts since last visit" anymore as when I go to expertfootball.com , then gossip then forums it says last visit "4:00pm , current time 4:00pm" or whatever time it may be. A little help please?

Other than that , yeh I do think it looks a little squashed in middle and may need sorting.

But overall looking cool expert :)
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Post by powell »

yeh same aswell i cant seem to get post since last visit. i also cant see little profile thing on thew gossip/community page, i mean the thing that says Veiw your posts,
View unanswered posts,
View posts since last visit and has a little picture of your avatar, i cant see it unless it just not there as part of the new design, if it is then if you could could youi bring that part back
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Post by Soccer4Life »

The new design is very nice! Keep up the good work, expert!
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