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I havent put any vids up yet as i want to get alot better before i do. I was jus wondering if neone knew ne competitions that were on in 2007 but not video ones i mean live comps to try and get in teams? I put this on the other seciton but only sputnik replied so i guess noone knows ne but let me know if you think of some

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no disrespect to any other freestylers on this site, but i am likely to be the second most senior freestyler (after owen4ever who does post here much, if at all anymore). so im the one most likely to know of anything. plus im from the uk, so really i dont think there is much to add to what i said in the other thread.

i will leave that thread open if anyone knows anything extra, but there is very very little for what catergory you are saying.

this thread im closing as it wont help and it is now in the wrong section :)

peace buddy
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