what size ball is the best to dribble with

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what size ball do u guys think is the best to dribble with to improve ball control and making your dribbling technique more effective

i think out of a size 0,1,2
a size 1 is the best

but i'm not sure
i just wanna see what u guys think
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Size 5 and only size 5. When you improve yur ball control its not like your learning how to tap a small target(such as a size 1 ball), but your simply getting better at controling the mechanics of the ball as you familiarize with its physics. If you get used to a smaller ball you will start taking lighter touches on a bigger heavier ball and will not develop those muscles that allow you to dribble,drag ,roll the ball side to side.

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I disagree to Medved.

I think you should practice with around a size 1 ball then you'll find it much easier when you move back onto a size 5 ball in a match or something. :wink:

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hey how about a size 3? what size are the futsal balls? :?

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toni_9 wrote:hey how about a size 3? what size are the futsal balls? :?
Size 4. Satisfactory ball to to improve ball control as it is not too big nor too small. :)

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The Brazilian soccer schools in the UK have, i think, proven futebol de salao balls (size 2) to be the most efftective out of the competitive match balls. You can obviously go smaller because the smaller the ball the harder it is to make contact with the sweet spot.

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