What makes you special?

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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What do you think you have that nobody else has or something that you can do better than anyone of youre age in your team?
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I'm smart. Smarter than most everyone in my school actually, and I have the grades to prove it. I guess it sets me aside from the other players on my team.
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If u dont mind ima pretend it says different instead of special in the title. Well I have a bad temper with opponents and referee's. When I used to play as a lil kid I didnt suffer consequences as at young ages, referee's will not hand out cards, but now I receive ATLEAST a yellow card per game. It is either for loudly disagreeing with the referee's calls or its cuz of the opponent, sometimes resulting in a brawl but yeah what makes me different is me temper above all.

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I have mastered postioning which is important for my position (keeper), and reflexes, but I could always improve! :D
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My shot... its strong and precise.. when im ON.. the ball is always in right under the bar.. no goalie can save it.

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i am as fast as shaun wright phillips :lol: and i burn defenses easy

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I am a great distributor of the ball. My passes are very accurate and i have a decent long ball also.

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I am the fastest in my league. I play off of instinct, I don't have to think if where to dribble, pass, or shoot the ball, it just comes natural to me.

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woh! fastest in your league...how can u say that. are u on that many steriods, or is your league full of shi.tty players?!

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Maybe he is the fastest on his league. Who knows. Anyways player hating wont bring you anywhere.

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basically im the roy keane on my team, with out the defensive skills
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I'm the most tactically minded person on my team, and so I make almost all of our plays

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BenAMsoccer wrote:I am the fastest in my league. I play off of instinct, I don't have to think if where to dribble, pass, or shoot the ball, it just comes natural to me.
I'm similar in that nearly every move i make is simply instinct and thats how i play the game, although i have good speed im not the fastest in my league but ill use my teammates and play full-out the entire game
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as a left or right back i have fast long strides while running, and i can make quick accurate poke-and-chase moves around defenders. much like arjen robben.

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i'm am the biggest guy on our team
and maybe in our confrence
6'5'' and 210 lbs.
i've played alot of sweeper and stopper but mostly stopper
and i don't go into ppl to get the ball as fast as the rest of the team does
and i usually get in front of alot of the shots directed at goal from behind the 18 in the middle of the field
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