training with a oppennet of lesser skill

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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hey i have a problem when i do get someone to play with me me he has lesser skill and i dont really get a pratice that way

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They are ok to work on the basics but its like everything the better u play with and against the better you become

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The practice the stuff that are basic but constantly needs improving like shooting and passing...
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I disagree that training with somebody who might be less skillful as you is a disadvantage.

In fact for me, I got more out of training with my friend who was a complete rookie in football than playing in a cup final against some awesome players.

It's all about the drills you do and etc.. Training with a less-skilled player allows you to experiment many things that you would never do with a better player cause they might just laugh in your face. Experimenting is great cause that's how I learned to do a lot of my tricks. First you experiment on your own, then use your friend as a defender and it helps a lot!

You can also help your friend improve his skill (preferrably if he's a defender) by making him the defender and you do your tricks.

Also, things such as shooting: You shoot the ball, he go fetches it and vice-versa. It saves a hell load of time than you go getting the ball yourself. Ball control drills can be done in pairs. He tosses you the ball, you control it and vice-versa. I don't see how his skill would affect you in these drills.

Go research for more of those pair drills and trust me, a player of lesser-skill might even be more optimal for training than better players.

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Think of it this way. It's better than training without an opponent at all. And you're really helping the other guy out as well, because you get better really fast if you practice with someone better than you.
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i think a player with less skill than you is actually very helpful i mean my friend is not so good but i still play with him sure he makes me chase the ball allot but it helps me stay in shape :D

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