Not eating as much as I feel that I should

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Not eating as much as I feel that I should

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Hi I've gone weight training hard for about a month and a half now and tremendous gains in strength, however recently during the last two weeks my appetite has gone really awful.

Like I'll wake up, go scrimmage outside with the high schoolers for fun at 9 AM and come back and I'll be hungry for . . . an apple. And then I wont eat again until lunch. and I wont be hungry again till dinner. I am used to eating a ton of food, maybe twice as much as I eat now and still comfortably.

It's also gotten really hot like 112 degrees Fahrenheit from 9 in the morning till 7 in the evening.

I have slowed down on the intensity of our training, but has anyone had appetite problems even when they were exercising rigorously?
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If you dont eat you'll lose gains and progress in your training.
Training is 10%.
Nutrition is 90%.
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The same thing happens to me. Most days I eat a ton. Then sometimes after I train, I'm just not hungry. I don't know why it is, but it happens. My only suggestion is eat something anyway. Not a huge meal, but maybe something small like a sandwich.
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