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How do you know what type of shot to use when your playing. should you use the side of your foot for accuracy, or power, or try to bend it past the keep. i know you have to use all of them but which is best for going one on one with the keep. also when you shoot from far out what type of shot should you do? thx.

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Shots! on one with the keep...very easy, ...he is obviously gonna have to commit to defenders and your on a fast break square up with him and just slot it into the corner like a well aimed pass,

long distance shots can very ....chip shots are effective by using the in steps of your feet to place the ball...or you can just drive the hell out of it with the top of you foot...but get over the ball or it will go over.

hope this helps.
Wow, he just megged three people, maradonas around the last defender, and missed the shot, then not five minutes later a guy on the other team shoots when he gets the ball and scores...

who would you rather be?

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I, as a striker, can tell you that it comes as a natural when deciding how to shoot the ball. It's something that you don't spend much time thinking about on the field and there's no certain formula for success. Like, you never think about it this way... "if I'm within this range I'll shoot with my inside of the foot, if I'm here, I'll use the outside and so on." It just happens... and it's different for every situation. All you need to do is follow you instincts and know your capabilities! For example, don't shoot the ball with the outside of you foot from 25 meters if you know you can do a max of 10-15 meters of an effective shot.

Hmm, when I think about it though, I think there is a way to kinda "shape those instincts". You need to practice a lot of different positions with the ball. Also, know what you can EXPECT from a certain shot - how the ball curves, where does it go, what's its travel path and so on.. you need to know how strong each of your shots are.

I think the decision on what type of shot to use at a given moment is dictated very much by the position YOU ARE with the ball and the position of the opposing player(s)... defense, keeper and so on.

For the keeper especially, it's important where they stand according to their goal.. if you are atacking the goal from the left and the keeper is covering the near post you might wanna use the outside of you left foot (if you are lefty) or the inside of you right to curve the ball into the opposite corner (far post). But... you know.. it's kinda hard to explain.. it's something that comes as natural once you know on what types of shots you can rely on and given the situation you find yourself in.

keep practicing different types of shots but try to move around... like real game situations.. those will help you a lot.. try to find you limits.. that way you'll know what you capabilities are and you'll be able to focus on how to improve yourselft (... also you won't look like a fool when you try a 40m lob shot at the goalie and find out that you're only able to keep it in the air for 20m...)

real game situations... try different types of shots from variety of positions... both near and far... if you can find someone to be a goalie - even better!

and don't forget to have fun! hope this helps. :)

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the rule of thumb is drive the ball if you are far away, in close, use the side of your foot, because accuracy is more important than power from this range.

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when the goalie isnt on his line u can try to chip him from a distance, just put it over him or bend it around him. OR u can drill a powerful shot that he wont be able to stop at all. and since he's badly positioned u have all the choices. try it when u see a goalie in a bad position and he's dead :)

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I've been using the inside of my foot from last time. But first, I had to adjust the offset of the curl to make sure it ended up hitting the target.

That's the only thinking I did. Before shooting, look up, find a spot, imagine the projectory of my curl and hit it. I score goals that way. Longest range was just outside the penalty box. Further than that, my volleys hit the woodwork.

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