literally just beginning

Talk about soccer freestyle tricks and moves
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literally just beginning

Post by newstyler »

Ok so, i literally just started trying some soccer stuff when the world cup started. I saw tricks that Ronaldinho was doin and i was just pumped right away! so i got a cheap ball mainly cause im traveling right now and i have to leave it here. im just trying to juggle and dribble right now, just to get the feel for the ball. the one thing that bugs me though is that when i try to juggle, im really spastic after 3 hits and im jumpin around. it just doesnt hit my foot right. i have read about hitting the ball off of your instep, but the ball seems heavy. could it be that i have a cheap ball and it is a little over weighted, or is it just the timing of my flick? and how do u learn the pattern of tapping ur feet back and forth to hit the ball? i feel like im tryin too hard. if u can just give me some basics on juggling. like, for a TRUE beginner, and one who has never played soccer! im a formula one fan, not much into soccer until now. some encouragement would help! :lol: :x thnx
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Same here

Post by maxVPL »

Although I'm sure there have been other threads on this subject (I'm a newbie to football but not to messageboards), I have to admit I'm in the same boat as newstyler. I've covered football (soccer here) as a journalist, but it wasn't until this year's World Cup that I really became enthralled with the sport. And of course I wanted to try out juggling since I couldn't exactly go out and start playing with a team. Not surprisingly I found it to be much more difficult than juggling with my hands, which I picked up in a couple of days. I'm having the same general problems as newstyler, although I can usually go for about 5-7 hits. I've only been trying for about 5 days or so (lots of hours each day), but I've gone from 3 hits to 5-7 hits on average over the last two days. Although I'm sure it'll just take more practice, any links to other very basic beginner threads or advice on the subject would be hugely appreciated, since my control still feels very inconsistent. My legs are too sore to practice any more today!

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Post by ajc »

On behalf of the world I'd like to say,

Welcome to football

And look around the site and see what you can find, I'm sure there is stuff that can help you. And don't get frustrated. It'll take some practice for your legs to get used the motions, but you'll get it eventually.
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well i mean it really just comes down to practice, u just gotta get the feel. but i mean, practice on concrete so that if u misses it itll bounce up and just go from there continuing like u didnt drop it. and be relaxed. thats crucial, i juggle best when it feels like im not trying.
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Post by Sputnik »

true beginners? 1) learn to drop the ball and hit it into your hands. 2) learn to do this virtually with your eyes closed. 3) you should now have learnt to hit the ball straight up. just use this (hitting it as high as you need) to get as many juggles as you can. slowly as you just practise that you will learn the movement, get more control, and be able to hit it lower until you get the normal pattern.

also try to learn from as early a stage as you can, to juggle with both feet or alternately.
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Post by lil italy »

nice first post maxVPL. Keep going like that and u will be a mod in no time :wink:

Lol sputnik i just noticed ur gender says female...just thought id point that out
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Post by kevin245 »

im new also havin problems juggling..i got crazy spin when i try to juggle..i can kick very accuratly and I have strong kicks but i want to juggle so i can have better ball control
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