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i need help im very serious about soccer im 15 and i play for my high school and also a premier soccer team. I play for gators i live in the USA more speific In Michigan. My problem is that i dont know what type of schedule to set up i have no cluse what day to do what. Could someone please help me set one up thank you.
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only you know what u need to work on. so only u can make a schedule for "u". in ur games, r ur passes always acurate? r ur shots always on target? r u always dribbling at the right times? r u dribbling for a purpose? r ur touch and traps bad? just go through a list of things u feel u can perfect.

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the best way to practice is to find a weakness, and work on it. don't do a different thing every day, focus on one distinct thing until you think you've mastered it. also, don't be afraid to scroll through the forums, there are quite a few posts like this.

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