Coaches! Need your advices

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Coaches! Need your advices

Post by rachoj93 »

Hey everyone,

I started to coach a team in an amateur league. We have big problems in our defense (we are losing by 6/7 goals on average)
I recorded our last match and I wanted to know if you have any advice? What was wrong exactly? What should I work them to make sure the quality of the defense is improving?
It would be highly appreciated.

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Re: Coaches! Need your advices

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Hello, Rachoj and welcome to the forums.
Based on the video you posted, I will assume that you are coaching the white side. From what I can see the biggest issue is that the white team doesn't spread out enough. It looks like the white team is trying to build up attacks by going through the center of the field instead of using the wings. The outside midfielders need to check to the sideline each time your team has possession of the ball. Then use the possession by playing the ball wide (instead of rushing forward). This is a lot of work and requires a lot of conditioning but it's important.
Thank you and sorry about the late reply!
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