Ideas for Scottish Football

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Ideas for Scottish Football

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I like Scottish football. But I have some ideas for Scottish soccer.
Here are my big ideas for total Scottish Soccer League reform.
It is my all involved plan for Scottish football.
The Key Points are;
1. B Sides Or Colt Sides In The Lower Divisions
2. 16 Team Scottish Premier
3. Cross Border Cups, Such As An Atlantic League Cup.

My priority list for Scottish football is;
1: For Scotland to have a strong international team.
2. For Scotland to produce loads of great Scottish players.
3. To ensure Scottish football clubs do well in European and international club trophies.
4. For all the Scottish clubs to survive and have potential to do well in the system.
5. To attract, keep and develop great players to play for Scottish football clubs.

What I am against.
1. What I can’t stand is the people who don’t care about the international team, and only care about their one club side to the point where they would rather see Scottish players not develop, and they would rather Scottish teams did badly in Europe, than their own club finish a handful of places down the Scottish soccer league system.
2. I am not anti-English. But I don’t support Scottish sides joining the English league. That would be humiliating for Scottish football. People would claim that Scotland is part of England. The top Scottish clubs might do rubbish in the English league, which would be embarrassing to the status of Scottish soccer. They might go decades without winning English trophies. And then loads of people claim that the big Scottish sides would have to start in the bottom tier of English soccer / football. So Scottish clubs could take decades to make their way up through the English non- league and then English football league system, and then to establish themselves as EPL sides. Which would leave them ranked below far smaller clubs in terms of success. If someone wants to destroy the status of the Scottish League, and have the biggest Scottish sides playing in the English league. Then they should not be taken seriously as someone who wants the best for Scottish football.

3. If someone does not care about the international team or the performance of Scottish sides in Europe, then why should that person be taken as giving a serious view on what is best for Scottish football? They don’t care.
4. I am against people who want Scottish clubs to fail in Europe. If you want other Scottish clubs to fail in Europe. Why should your view be taken seriously on what system would help Scottish football perform better in Europe? WHY?

The Ideas From Me.

1. B teams or Colt sides in the Lower divisions.
The purpose of sticking the big side’s colt teams in the lower divisions, is simply to ensure that the big sides develop. I would love all Scottish Premier sides or the big 7 sides Celtic, Rangers, Hibernian, Hearts, Aberdeen, Dundee United and Motherwell to play colt sides in the lower divisions.
I do not support the Old Firm, except in Europe.
The reason I want the Old Firm and other big Scottish sides to have colt teams in the lower division is simply 120% because I want all the great Scottish players to develop to maximise their potential,
It is nothing to do with wanting Glasgow Celtic or Glasgow Rangers to win League One or League Two.
It does not destroy the lower leagues to have Glasgow Rangers Colts and Glasgow Celtic Colts playing in League One or League Two. It would not humiliate these clubs. It is not about disrespecting the lower divisions clubs. It is a massive compliment to the lower divisions to say that Scottish League One and Scottish League Two would be a great level to develop young Scottish players.
What annoys me is the type of annoying fan who wants half the SPFL clubs to be chucked out of the SPFL on the basis that they do nothing for the Scottish game. Then the next minute that same person thinks it is a massive insult to have colt sides playing these sides.
Let me re-iterate I love all the SPFL sides. I want them all to continue and grow. But I think colt sides playing these sides is a compliment to those sides. It shows they have a purpose for being teams to play against the colt sides.
They allow B or Colt teams to play in the lower divisions in Germany, Spain, Croatia, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
Croatia is the big one for me. It is notable that Croatia is smaller than Scotland in populations terms, yet reached the last World Cup Final. I think this is because all their players get maximised to play competitive football at a young age.
Some people will be angry that part time or semi-pro sides will finish a few places lower in the league because of this idea. But that is selfish. How can you put your club finishing a few places higher in League One or League Two above the ability of the big sides to develop young Scottish players? That shows you put your own club above Scotland developing good players. That is a disgrace. The Scotland team is the priority.
Another person said to me, how would you feel if your big side had to play the Barcelona B side or the Real Madrid B side.
Honestly my reply has two simple points.
A) If that was the level we got relegated into, I hardly think playing Real Madrid B side is a humiliation. I would be totally proud to be play Real Madrid’s B side. If that is the level we are relegated to in some European league so be it.,
B) The fact you think a big foreign side is of the same priority as a big Scottish side, shows you the level of patriotism for Scottish football. It is like saying you would rather a big foreign side does better than a big Scottish side. That sort of attitude is a humiliation to Scottish football.
I know one person said it is not the job of smaller clubs to help develop Rangers and Celtic youth players, Well that is a disgraceful thing to say.
it is the job of every club in Scottish football to ensure every club can reach it’s maximum potential at developing great Scottish players. If you would rather Scottish players did not develop because you are so self-interested in your own club, then you are a disgrace to the Scottish football system.

Another person said we should just copy English football in what they do. As otherwise they will laugh at us. Well that is utter nonsense. And anyway we used to allow B sides to play proper sides in the old Scottish C Division in the fifties. So does that mean Scottish football was a joke then?
Plus most smaller Scottish clubs are happy for the big sides from foreign countries to send second choice teams for testimonials or friendlies. Yet if we put the B sides of big Scottish sides in the lower division it suddenly becomes a humiliation to their honour to play the B sides of big Scottish sides.
I cannot see why sticking colt teams in the lower division humiliates smaller clubs.

2. The Scottish Premier should be 16 teams. with a 30 game league season.
This would free up weeks in the schedule for a new trophy,

3. Atlantic League Cup. My idea would be for Scotland to have an extra cross border trophy for all their Scottish Premier sides, and teams from abroad. This would be on top of domestic and European soccer. So on top of the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League.

And for those sides to play sides from small to medium football powers from Europe. Clubs could enter the Atlantic League Cup from nations such as Poland, Switzerland, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Georgia, Armenia, Greece, Wales, Northern and Southern Ireland.
Maybe even France and Russia could enter sides,

We could even have teams from African nations like Morocco, Egypt and South Africa.
If rugby club sides from South Africa can play European football sides in the old PRO14. Why not football?
I would love Scottish sides to play more European and African teams in competitive games.
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