Robbie Fowler

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What will his effect be?

Dwight Yorke Effect
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Fade Away into Oblivion
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Robbie Fowler

Post by Anymi » 03 May 2009, 10:51

He is the greatest finisher Ive seen

I hope he prevails

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Post by ScottyBoy » 03 May 2009, 15:41

In my opinion he has already faded into oblivion going down under

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Post by Had2bHarry » 05 May 2009, 07:31

I think he'll do allright. He's been working with the NQF fitness trainers and has been making good progress. I hope he does well, it would be such a shame if he doesnt.
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Post by ronaldoR7 » 05 May 2009, 11:20

glad to see him in the a-league , which team is he playing for ?

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Post by Anymi » 05 May 2009, 21:10

North Queensland Fury.

They are a new team for this year

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Re: Robbie Fowler

Post by Croatianblood1 » 11 May 2017, 00:35

Alvin Harth wrote:
05 May 2017, 13:39
North Queensland Fury, of course.

Fowler and Owen would be a great team... again. Also you can...
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