Need Boots for Midfield Position

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Need Boots for Midfield Position

Post by FootballPlayer94 »

What are the best boots for an Attacking Midfielder/Winger

I enjoy skills, acceleration and making long passes

I'm thinking Copa Mundials at the moment
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Post by collin »

im about to get the umbro geometra pro's, look very nice and give you a good touch, something similar to the ctr 360
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Post by Kakasgotskillz »

the player makes the boots, the boots dont make the player. just get a pair that will give you the maximum comfort to do what you can do without the boots on the pitch. copas are great cuz they've survived the test of time and are just a classic design
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Post by whatznext »

go with ctrs. i use to only wear vapors but since i got my ctrs i dont even go near my vapors. one of the best cleats on the market. touch is amazing and if you can get over the weight then you will have no problem with them
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