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well i decided to start a thread to keep the site active. Do you guys think that players describe there cleats or cleats describe their player? I have always thought about this. For example, ive always thought of the CTR Maestri's as more of a "center mid" boot, because it describes a good touch and etc....or another one would be i see someone who would wear a superfly to be like a winger, someone with pace, and good skills. What boots do you wear, and do you wear boots because you think that is the boot suited for your position, another example of a center mid boots would be like the adidas predators.

I myself usually wear my legends or CTR's because ive always thought of that boot is for someone with a good touch and close control. But actually i really enjoy wearing my mercurial vapor turf shoes, for some mental reason when i wear them i feel like more of an attacking player, it sounds weird but its true.

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Obviously the boots are going to stereotype the player with the marketing these days. Pele and Marradona wore Puma Kings, and no one back then would question it because that's all they had to wear, there weren't boot classes. But nowadays it's so so different, most players wear a boot to compliment their game.

I wear Legend's right now, which don't really tell much about how I play, I'm actually more of a dribbler/playmaker, and I'm small and agile. A speed boot would suit me better.

I agree with the player/boot relationship. My Legends are my first k-leather boot, and they also have my initials printed on them. We've been through a lot of wet training sessions together, ripped a lot of players, we have fun :) They put up with me, through all the times I haven't cleaned them, the times they've gotten soaking wet, and they still put the ball where I want it :) The k-leather has aged a lot, it's hardened up on me, not as soft now :(
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