Interesting Messi Question

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Interesting Messi Question

Post by collin » 26 Jun 2011, 21:28

first off before i get the flamers on here. I want to say in no way am i criticizing messi because he is absolutely great and his dribbling is great and hes the best player in the world. Ok now that thats done with.

I've been studying messi and the way he runs with the ball. But has anyone ever asked this question to messi really keep the ball close to him, or is it an illusion? Well, if you take a look at how fu**ing fast his feet move. You come up with this. Every 5 steps messi is taking with his quick little feet is equivalent to like 2 steps of the average human being. Now, alot of people say hes taking a touch every step(or atleast close to it whatever you get the point), i think this is false.

I believe he does keep it close however, he knocks it a decent amount of yards in front of him, and the illusion is that you dont notice how many steps he actually takes between him and the ball to get to the ball. He catches up to the ball so fast that it makes it look like he is taking a touch every step, but in true fact he is not. Does anyone understand what i am saying here, it could be confusing im not sure.

If you dont understand look at some of his dribbles, and open your eyes up to how many steps he is truly taking when he knocks the ball in front of him, and how fast he gets to it makes it look like he keeps the ball super close. Now, im just throwing this out there, but i really want to see if anyone gets where im coming from? This is something that i didn't really notice until now, because in the past ive only been looking at the ball.

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Post by nick117 » 26 Jun 2011, 22:10

he's not dumb of course he won't take a touch every step without pressure, the only time it's close to that is when he has 3-4 players around him then it's something close to that. However to have maximum speed no player will ever go every step with a touch.

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Post by eddy192837 » 26 Jun 2011, 23:21

He just uses it in tight situations like nick said.. But he uses it alot when he runs toward a player taking a touch eveery step but then he cuts and accelerates to one side and then just keeps the ball as close as he can to himself (not necessarily touching the ball with every step)

ex: all he does is keep the ball as close he can as possible

usually he only touches ball every step when he is going past a player or just in a really tight situation.. he just looks for space most of the time and if there is space he will hit the ball there and continue to find spaces to either score or assist

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Post by collin » 26 Jun 2011, 23:47

yes im not talking about when hes wiggling through players like that, when hes making a dash across the 18 it looks as if he is taking a touch every step, but hes really not its those quick little feet that make it an illusion, even when he does have alot of space it still looks as if hes keeping the ball so close, but hes actually not. Just something interesting to me

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Post by panchester07 » 27 Jun 2011, 03:48

Who said you have to take a touch every step? When you have no pressure and space you push the ball and take 5-6 steps - When you are in pressure like nick said you take a touch everystep-

U just have to know, that the way Messi does it, is the right way to do it, he has the best touch and feel on the ball, and does it the most natural of all players, so if he's dong it, and it works for him its the right way to do it so don't worry -

also, he's not thinking how many touches he's gonna take, he just has the absolut best control and change of pace on the ball and cuts like a criminal and is on autopilot trying to score or tear defenses apart-
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Post by klc123 » 27 Jun 2011, 10:08

It is pretty much impossible to get past a decent defender by taking a touch every step.

When Messi is really flying he knocks it ahead and takes a few steps between touches, otherwise he wouldn't be able to run as fast with the ball.

He keeps the ball relatively close to him though, it isn't like he is knocking the ball 20 yards ahead and running after it for 5 seconds.

Touch every step running at the defender then boom, knocked past them and he sprints past you.

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Post by Rome_Leader » 27 Jun 2011, 12:30

Indeed. No player uses exactly the same style or technique when on the ball. They must adapt to different situations. Messi is obviously so quick and has such a good touch that he may be the best in the world both at tight control and knocking the ball on, but the real key to his game is how seamlessly he can switch between them. His general motion of knocking the ball a foot or so ahead and running like hell to catch it can instantly turn into incredible tight control when he runs into a logjam, at which point he can sprint away again as easily as you please without losing control. Stopping and starting like that is not very easy, especially when you're as fast as Messi, and Messi does it better than anybody.

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