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I'm on summer break now, so I'll be able to do individual training again. I'll be doing individual training in the morning, and team training at night. My individual training will mostly be light, technical work because my team training is more important, and I don't want to be fatigued for it. Here is what I have come up with for my new individual routine:

Age: 17
Weight: 137 lbs
Weaknesses: defending, finishing easy chances, strength/power
Strengths: first touch, passing, crossing
Average: dribbling, shooting
Goals: to improve every technical attribute in soccer by atleast a little bit by the end of the summer, to be more consistent in my technical execution.

-physical warm up. (bike to field, jog with the ball, dynamic warm up)

-juggle for 10 minutes, doing combinations like 2 left 2 right, left foot left thigh right thigh right foot, etc etc

-kick ball into the air and control it as it comes down for 5 minutes

-stretch for 5 minutes.

^^this will be the warm up. After I complete this I will do a 30 minute routine focusing on either shooting, dribbling or first touch. (One day will be shooting, the next day will be dribbling and the third will be first touch.)

shooting day:
50ish instep drives focusing on keeping it low but still powerful
20ish shots after dribbling through cones. focus on hitting the bottom corners.
25ish free kicks focusing on hitting the top corners.

dribbling day:
cone drills for 10 minutes.
moves, skills and fakes for 10 minutes
dribbling at speed for 10 minutes

first touch day:
trapping off of a wall pass 10 minutes
trapping off a a curb pass 10 minutes (ball flies into the air when i hit it off this curb)
first touch passing off a wall for 10 minutes
freestyle/juggle for fun at the end.

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So I've done this routine 4 times this week. (shooting day twice, control and dribbling day once each) I've also gotten a punch card pass for a gym near my house for really cheap where I will be working out and swimming this summer.

I've decided to post the juggling routine I do in my warm up, because juggling is all the rage on the forum at the moment :wink:

200ish alternating juggles: left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, etc (normal juggling)

150ish juggles 2 left, 2 right: left foot left foot, right foot right foot, etc

*with a step in between and hitting the ball chest height with laces.

150ish juggles 2 left, 2 right: left foot left foot, right foot right foot, etc

*hitting the ball with toes, no higher than knees and not taking a step every touch.

150ish juggles with right foot

*taking a step after every touch and hitting the ball with laces chest height

150ish juggles with right foot

*standing on left foot tapping the ball with toes no higher than shins.

^^(same for left)

100ish juggles: right foot, right thigh, right foot, right thigh, etc

100ish juggles: left foot, left thigh, left foot, left thigh, etc

2 minutes or so: right foot, right thigh, left thigh, left foot, (moving the ball around in a circle)

It takes 20 minutes or so, and I'm really noticing progress even after only doing it 4 times. I hardly ever drop the ball, and I don't move around the field as often as before.

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Dude just do this before every practice, it works wonders:
500 warm up juggles, 1000 juggles with right, 250 juggles with left, 500 cool down juggles (hitting it over head every 25 juggles)

Gives you amazing control. I've only done it 3 times and i can already see improvement

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im going to be using some of these exercises since my juggling record would be around 160-200. How do you see improvements when you can already juggle 500+ lol?

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you juggle to 600... theres always room to get better.

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