Touch and Control routine

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Touch and Control routine

Post by enang7 »

hello i dont know how and cant find a good training routine for improving touch and control can someone help me plz
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Post by collin »

juggling and passing against a wall, simple as that
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Post by soccerjj »

Completely agree with collin, couldnt of put it better myself. :)
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Post by mint »

Yep like the other 2 said juggling and kicking and controlling it using a wall or something is all you need.
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Post by desire10 »

Yep, juggling, and find a wall!

But also, a great drill for your first touch is, from the Nike Master Control Elite Training, and it's called Solo Control. All it is, is juggling a few times, booting the all high in the air, and then bringing it down using different parts of your feet/techniques. Work's wonders.

You'll find a video and explanation here - ... eekIndex=0
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