Is it worth it?

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Is it worth it?

Post by desire10 »

I've only got DB's, one of them is 3kg, and the other two are only 2kg. Is it eveb worth doing things like squats with them, or is is just a waste of time? And should I just wait 'til I get a gym membership or a barbell set.
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Post by Had2bHarry »

Its much better to go for higher repetitions with lower weight for football players. In saying that though, 2kg isnt going to give you much of challenge anyway. My advice would be to start doing squats with the 2kg weights. Do about 30 reps or something, and then when that becomes easy, step it up to 4 kg weights with the same amount of reps. I dont know where you live, but dumbells arent expensive, gym memberships and barbell sets are
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Post by soccerjj »

No mate i think there is pretty much no point in using them and i think you would be MUCH better off waiting to get a barbell set or gym membership, and in the mean time just practice your football technique or endurance by running sprints or something.]

Firstly because you only have a few weights so you wont be able to progressively get better, which is the most important part of getting stronger. ( unless you increase the reps to stupidly high amounts)

secondly personally i think you need to focus on heavier weights for lower repetitions.
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