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Im 18 going on 19, im about 6 ft and have slowed the growing rate down.

I have worked heaps lately, in terms of heavy lifting and ive been to the gym a bit.

Today i played some football and afterwards was incredibly hungry and have been getting really hungry in the past few weeks

Friends say im growing taller and thats why but i highly doubt that.

I feel as though i am filling out.

What is the cause of this hunger?

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global warming

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Considering you have been to the gym and lifting heavy weights, your body is asking for more fuel to repair muscle tissue.

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You need to eat more and stay hydrated. Sometimes you can think you are hungry but you really are thirsty because you haven't been drinking enough fluids.

If you're hungry then eat.

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shahensha wrote:Considering you have been to the gym and lifting heavy weights, your body is asking for more fuel to repair muscle tissue.
Yeah and you will need protein to help build muscle. I would consume some sort of protein supplement after working out

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In addition to what everyone else said it very well could be you're growing. My brother shot up from 6 feet tall to 6' 6" in a little over a year. And let me tell you, I've never seen some one eat as much as he does. He's extremely active as well. Even after he slowed down he still ate like a mad man.

I wouldn't discount growth in this situation, but it's probably more closely related to refueling yourself.

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Don't worry it's natural to be hungry when you're a teenager. If you're hungry, you should eat. Pretty simple.

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