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portugese benders
joe07: has anyone else noticed that both nani and c.ronaldo can get the ball to dip at the end of their shots. i havnt seen anyone else do this? how do they do it?
raterton:In my school days, we used the word "bender" to identify homosexuals so I full expected Ronaldo to be mentioned although not in this context.

cpspartans1499: hey, iwannagopro, do you wear tight shorts bcuz u got a small package?

I need some love life advice
peps1154: The girl must be fullt "grown" if u didn't know she was 14. Isnt she?
expert: As we say on the street "if there's grass on the pitch let's play"

in pro socca, how hard do they pump the balls??
delone: do they pump it so hard that there are no pressure points? and should i pump it like that?

is this true? cause if it is then screw u ronaldo
ratherton: The biggest shock I got from reading that article was that it involved Ronaldo in a hetrosexual encounter. I always assumed he was some sort of deviant ladyboy
ratherton: Just a thought for you Ronaldo and Man U fans...if you have ever bought any merchandise, like a shirt with his name etc....you helped pay for those girls
ajc: I think this whole thing was a publicity stunt by Ronaldo's agent attempting to convince the public he isn't gay.
rzadzinski: Well, sometimes you just gotta help a whore out.
Wanderer: Ronaldo or the girls?

thrillboy: Does you watch porn?
adnankhan: no (before edit: yes i watch porn......i cant live with out watching porn.......)
Saibomb: DELETED BY ME FOR IDIOCY. (his third edited post in the topic)

Iwannagopro: WTF!!??? How did you know that Catalans love disco dancing and rape!!! You are a genius!
MUFC21: dude i lived there. See i told you AJC. You should put that one in. Everytime i do it the teacher takes me aside from the class and talks to me. I am so special

2005 EF Awards
Magicfeet: Good on you for getting this done, Wiseman - 'tis much appreciated. And it's great that you did it despite being in the middle of exams, I wish I had the same level of commitment. I haven't had much time in recent days for EF as playing Pro Evolution Soccer 5 is distracting me.

Somebody mentioned this "revision" thing to me earlier. Apparently it's a good idea when you have exams coming up, and you're paying thousands of pounds in tuition fees (not to mention wracking up a huge amount of debt in addition to those) to do them. But I'm not sure... scoring 35-yard screamers with Adriano is much more important than my degree. Dang straight it is! Cool

I too thought these were just the nominations, and we were going to put them to the vote from all the members of EF. But leaving these as the results is fine with me - I doubt there would be many differences if we put it to the public vote. Well done guys!


Especially well done to me, for winning two awards. That was 2 awards, if you missed it. Not one, but two. Pretty impressive, huh? If any of you feel like writing me a cheque, to thank me for my fantastic and vital contribution to this site, just PM me and I'll give you the address to send it to.

JDefoe seems to have won two awards as well, but that must be some kind of mistake. Nobody on this site can come close to my brilliance. Not even he of the wonderful guides.. Yeah... the polls must have been rigged. It's the only feasible explanation, otherwise I, Magicfeet, would have won ALL THE AWARDS! Not just the sucky ones for "being funny" and "coming up with a nice idea".

I demand a recount!! Twisted Evil Wink


EDIT: Out of interest, who would have won the "Award" for the Worst Poster, Wiseman? If you calculated it, that is. I'd understand if you didn't bother, what with it being thrown out the proverbial window.

Oh, and jdefoe? Could I just have neat vodka please? Champagne makes me all giggly and flirty... I might end up coming on to peps! Embarassed

jdefoe: Well see Magicfeet, I make a mean Manhattan if you're into that kind of thing. And second, you are the best member, but if you won all the awards now it wouldn't be a competition now would it? Laughing Plus, you don't want other members to get down now do you?

Magicfeet, the reason you couldn't win them all is because you're here to boost EF morale, not diminish it Razz

LOL about the recount, good idea. Wiseman u didn't happen to rig this against magicfeet now did u? Surprised

LOL because i'm not complaining Very Happy

Magicfeet: Magicfeet sulks, slumped in the corner of the Dream Team dressing room, clutching a bottle of Jack Daniels in one hand and the remains of his pride in the other. Rocking back and forward, occasionally swigging from the half empty (he is a pessimist after all) bottle, the other members can hear him muttering to himself, over and over...

"Fix, all fixed. Awards should be mine. The wise man rigged it. Funny? Ideas? I want to the Boot of Gold! The precious goldy boot... the precious...my preciousss. It should be mine!"

Later that day, Expert found the bloody, dismembered corpse of the philosopher lying in the Away changing room. A message has been daubed on the walls in blood, reading: "Golden Boot Winner: Magicfeet, Most Useful Poster: Magicfeet, Most in the need of Psychiatric Help: Magicfeet".

Girl Problem Thread
DA_B3LL3ND hitting on BuzzingBee

DA_B3LL3ND: 4get bout him, u shuld go out wiv sum1 lyk me. I can show u a gd tym bbe! jus ask all me ova girls!

shahensha:what if Da_B3LL3ND is the fellow BuzzingBee was talking about?! That would be quite ridiculous

BuzzingBee:and WTF is da_bellend hitting on me,if so heres what i have to say

Collins91:ahahah shot down!

BuzzingBee:You guys! have to be kidding me...ah ha ha ha not even close sorry but like dude,i don't go for stupid and arrogant.

DA_B3LL3ND:eh m8 u iz jus jelious of meh cus iz got meh girls and really gd at football init.

PS. Mods, feel free to edit this post and add more quotes

Iwgp: Sure thing Expert... I put up the Catalonia one and the 2005 awards... man that post gets in the top 5 for me.

fir_nev: I've added one more. Nice (BORAT)

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If you need a laugh, you need look no further than this thread about bombs. I rediscovered it, and I simply had to add it to the WoS. I had so many chuckles about how crazy those guys were, and BG's banter within.

"I just set my Mom's car on fire thanks to this thread! Oh sh*t, I'm done for. See you in hell thisisdard!"


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Man that very first post on portugese benders almost choked me

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