EDGE (2G) vs 3G

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Hey everyone,

Its time for me to get a new phone, I've had the Nokia E62 since it came out, and now its heavaly outdated.

Blackberry and Android phones are on the top of my list, but then:

- Still very high priced
- Top phones dont have 3G in North America (Incredible, EVO, Desire)

- I just dont want one anymore. BBM Seems useelss to me.

So the phone thats been on my raydar is the Nokia N900. Its Nokia, which I've been following since my first phone, maemo 5, and really powerfull. I can get one for 300-350 CAD and its QWERTY to. Just one thing, no 3G in North America. But it DOES have WiFi.

Do you think I could live without it?

Id appreciate your experiences and knowledge. I know a lot of people on the forum reign from Europe and North America.


PS: Now you know, Avi loves phones.

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The phone you're looking at seems really nice, but I think these highpowered smartphones are the phones that really need 3g for high speed internet.
When I had edge on my iphone 2g, i didn't really use my phone that much cuz everything was so slow. now that i have 3g on my new iphone, i feel like i use my phone much more, and to its full capabilities.
so maybe you can find another good phone that has 3g support? just my suggestion
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