Frank Lampard

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Frank Lampard

Post by axi123 »

How does frank lampard manage to score so many goals? is it the way he position himself or the runs he make ?
what makes him a midfielding goal machine ?
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Post by bsc »

He takes free kicks and penalties for Chelsea, who get a lot of fouls called against their opponents in dangerous areas. Also, he gets to play in the centre of midfield with Michael Essien, who works hard defensively and is a good distributor.

Lampard is undoubtedly a great finisher, but I believe, it's the system around him that leads to him consistently being one of the leading goalscorers from midfield. Chelsea are just a team that create a lot of goalscoring opportunities in the past few seasons.

He does have a good technique for a central midfielder that likes to get on the ball, but I'm not really an expert on that.
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Post by 2brown347 »

It's true having Essien next to you does allow Lampard to attack more but you have to keep in mind that Essien has missed huge parts of seasons and Lampard has still pulls high numbers. If you look at it he's scores high for a mid no matter who is next to him.

The PK's and free kick's also play a role in it, but that just mean he's the most reliable man from the spot. What it really comes down to is positioning. If you watch his goals a large portion of them are simply because he's in the right spot topped with being a great finisher. It's not the system that puts him in the right spot, its him knowing the game.
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Post by mr_dude »

I don't watch nearly enough Chelsea games to know everything about Lampard's playing style, but here's my best guess.
Lampard is classified as a centre-midfielder, which is correct, but he's a little different. When Chelsea are in possession, but the ball isn't in dangerous positions, I rarely see Lampard getting involved in build up play. He might play a square pass or two, but he's generally static and as a result he becomes easy to mark.
However, when the ball is in a dangerous position (usually on the wing, just behind the 18-yard line), he suddenly makes a run into space. This run is so sudden that he loses his marker, is open, and the opposing defenders are occupied with the likes of Drogba/Anelka/Malouda, so no one picks up his run and he can do whatever he wants with the pass that he gets.
To sum up that blob, he stays static, making his opposition midfielders think he's easy to mark. Soon they let their guard down, and he makes a dangerous run into space, the other team fails to track it. Then he gets a pass, and he can finish from close and long range (as well as play dangerous through balls) easily.
It's all about positioning.
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