The Ultimate Beginners Juggling Guide

Talk about soccer freestyle tricks and moves
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Post by bom1221 » 07 May 2010, 07:24

wow! nice post! you dont really see too many 12 year old girls making a guide about juggling :) keep up the good work. and also my friends and i made a juggling game where each person has to hit the ball a certain amount of times (5 times for example) and on the last hit has to pass it to another player who continues to juggle the ball for another 5 hits and and passes it again, until a player messes up and gets eliminated and then the process continues over again until there is a champion. it gets addicting after a while though :wink:

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Post by Icy » 07 May 2010, 11:43

Right now I wouldn't worry about the shoes. Yes, they will help with consistency and make it a bit easier to do tricks with, but it isn't the difference between doing a trick and not doing it. Just the difference between how often you'll pull it off.

You said you don't have much money so there isn't much reason to use it on something that you don't NEED. Perhaps once you start to become better your financial situation will change and you can by shoes for it. Trust me, when you do you'll feel the difference quickly!
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Post by Ph8 » 07 May 2010, 23:16

Alright thanks guys, once i see some progress i'll try to harass my parents or get a job for money :P then i'll get some soccer shoes :D

which ones do you recommend? and what should i be looking for in good freestyle shoes?

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Post by matt_a » 16 May 2010, 15:36

good freestyle shoes are any indoor soccer shoes, look for light ones without much detail on the top of the shoe - i personally use Nike T-3's [so do a lot of very good freestylers] and i would recommend them. but comfort is still the most important thing i would say, theres a few freestylers who use regular sneakers,

also, just thought this could help people if theyre struggling with juggling:

one of UK's best freestylers - Macca - teaching how to juggle

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Post by Ph8 » 18 May 2010, 02:34

do i hit with the laces or the toes? people have told me both are good, so does it really matter at all? ive been hitting with toes but it seems like Macca hits with the laces :S

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Post by panchester07 » 18 May 2010, 02:57

I hit it with the spot between both toes and laces, haha. Its ultimately about becoming comfortable doing it, it takes a while, but if you start you'll definetly get to the point where you can juggle comfortably.

Theres no answer to your question, some people hit it with their toes, some with their laces, some with the spot between like me.

Find where you feel the most comfortable, realize with which point of your foot you can do it the most, and looks the most natural.

I do it in the area the front of my laces, beggining of my toes, cause thats how I can kick it up, and give it a back spin if necessarily. I would think this is the best spot to do it in.
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Post by Ph8 » 19 May 2010, 01:47

is Nike Tiempo Natural III IC an okay pair of shoes for freestyle?

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Post by matt_a » 19 May 2010, 02:18

definitely - i started with tiempo's

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Post by Ph8 » 19 May 2010, 02:21

epic :D awesome :) thanks for all the help guys :D
ill ask more questions if i need more help :P THX

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Post by brasil_soccer9 » 23 May 2010, 00:53

Nice guide, it's really helpful! I have a question, though, when I juggle i keep it really low, is that a bad habit? I find it much easier to control when its low. Or do I have to keep the ball waist-length height, while juggling?

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Post by Rome_Leader » 23 May 2010, 13:24

Low is better, for sure. It does help you keep more control, as you've said.

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Post by torresforever » 03 Oct 2010, 10:07

does juggling help you in your dribbling? Does it make your touch on the ball better?

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Post by D10 » 05 Oct 2010, 03:01

It helps to a point, however to get maximum control on your dribble you would practice dribbling, not juggling.

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Re: The Ultimate Beginners Juggling Guide

Post by carrots084 » 05 Mar 2014, 00:19

Bump hehe

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