Need some all around help

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Need some all around help

Post by TxFootballer87 »

Hello guys. I'm new here, and if you want you can read my introduction thread here.

Anyways, as just a quick background to my questions, I have been playing soccer since I was about five, but I have never been very good at it, however I do love the game so I keep playing. I played for my highschool this year as a freshman and was on JV and played an average of one half a game. Our JV team won one game due to the other team not showing up, however our Varsity did fairly well.

Now, I am not satisfied with this. I would really like to become one of the better soccer players at my school and in our district, so that our school can become a powerhouse in the next few years. My ball skills are pretty poor, however I did pull off a couple of decent runs from defender during the season (a few nutmegs as well). Oh yeah, coach played me pretty much everywhere, I didn't really have a set position (I prefer striker/mid). I can not hit the ball with very much power, I can probably throw 10 yards, and I am just overall not very good. I really want to become a good soccer player.

How can I improve? I have a soccer ball, a brick wall, and about 20x10 yards of slightly sloped grass at my disposal. I need to pretty much go back to the basics. I'd like to be able to hit the ball powerfully and accurately, be able to head and throw the ball effectively, and be a somewhat skilled dribbler (ability to get through defenders).

What are y'all's thoughts?

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Post by BJ7 »

Alright, basically

I think you need to start some pick-up games to get a better game experience. All I know and how I play, I've learn from watching and playing others. The more games you play and watch, the better understanding you will have. Check out the rest of for some training tips on ball control and movement.

As far as fitness goes, do sprints and agility exercises. As well as body weight training. A strong soccer player is a good one. With that 20x10 area, do some suicide-sprints or shuttle runs.

For your shooting, look at this link,

Shooting against the brick wall could help your power, but it could deflate or lose your ball...

This link is a question asked before on the site, that is similar to yours..

All I can say is, practice makes perfect

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Just to add onto Nick's helpful post:

Here is a good guide to individual practice, focusing on technique: ... 298#198298

Here are some wall drills you should do:

Click the link to get to videos/explanations of each drills:

The Ball Anatomy Guide may also help when visualizing where to strike the ball: ... 782#196782
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