pushing and pulling

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pushing and pulling

Post by cyxstudio »

The goal ballack scored against portugal at the recent Euro 2008 game reminds me of another goal berbatov score against Chelsea in the 4-4 draw.

Berbatov push Terry to win the header from the corner and so terry can't jump.

It is similar because the attacker is standing behind the defender and he pushes the defender so he get some space to head the ball and the defender won't connect the ball.

Isnt it a foul? someone pls watch the vid and tell me.

and if i am the defender and the attack push me can i push him back to maintain my position?

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Post by klc123 »

No pushing is ever allowed. You may shoulder barge someone within reason aslong as you are not actually risking injurying them by impacting them very hard on purpose.
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Post by BJ7 »

Klc is correct

Pushing is illegal

And in most situations, jumping for headers with your arms up or touching others isn't fair play

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